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Can't receive reset password email

I can't receive reset password email after click on "Forget Password"

Please help me to fix it. Thanks (Not this account, it is another user account)


  • WendyG
    WendyG Posts: 1

    I am having this same problem also and really need help.

    I use TeamViewer to connect remotely to my mother's computer.  She is 90 years old and lives on her own, but I cannot go into her home right now because of Covid.  So having the remote access has been critical for me to help her feel comfortable and stay connected.

    We have connected many times this way, but last week she could not connect.  So, while she was on the phone, I asked her to click on Forgot Password.  She entered her username and was told she would get an email with a link to use to change her password.  The email never came.  Like other users have said, I had her check Spam, and there was nothing there.

    Could TeamViewer setup a temporary password for her, and also figure out why so many people are having this issue?  It is even more important for those of us with elderly parents to be able to have remote access.  Do we have to buy a license to get the support we need?