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Improved multi-monitor support


Using TV to remotely connect to a computer with 2 monitors from a (Windows) computer with also 2 monitors. Settings for the connection:

  • Initial screen: Primary
  • Window: Full screen
  • Monitors as individual windos: checked


When I connect I see only one remote screen. For seeing both remote screens on both local/host screens I have to go through the same series of actions each and every time I connect:

  1. Open the connection to remote via a double click in TV
  2. Click "View" on the toolbar
  3. Click on the second monitor button (opens the second remote screen on my host first monitor, on top of the first one and hiding it)
  4. Click "Leave full screen"
  5. Drag the second remote screen to my second local/host screen
  6. Click "Switch to full screen mode" for the second screen

Can we make TV smarter somehow to avoid all the repetitive steps each time?

Proposed solution #1 (Preferred)

Instead of forgetting the view layout, TV would remember it from the last time and reuse if for any given connection. Probably needs some changes also to the way connections/sessions are closed - currently clicking the "End session" on the toolbar closes only one window/screen as if they were treated as 2 separate connections/sessions.

Only the first step from the current series is needed to achieve the same result.

Proposed solution #2 (Quickfix)

When opening the second screen from the toolbar then it would open on second local/host screen instead of hiding the first one by opening on top of it.

Only the first 3 steps from the current series is needed to achieve the same result.