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We need an option to select what network adapter Team Viewer uses.

My server uses two network adapters. One adapter connects to the internet through a dedicated modem. The other adapter is connected to my local network. I would prefer it if TeamViewer connected through my Local Network adapter but it does not. It always seems to choose the dedicated internet connection and that connection is not only constantly under a lot of use it is also a DSL line. The rest of the computers on my network connect to the internet through a satellite internet service so when my server is connecting through the DSL to my work station that is on a satellite connection it is VERY slow.  I can connect directly to my server using its IP address but then I have to keep a monitor connected to it (something I DO NOT want to do.) so I can enter the password on my servers screen to remotely control it, not to having mention getting up and traveling all the way across my house to get the password. We need some options here. We either need to be able to type in a password of our own making or we need to be able to select what network adapter Team Viewer uses.

Before you ask, no I can not use windows login. TV won't let me most likely because I disabled it on my server so that when it reboots it will automatically log in and do the things I wish it to do.