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Introducing Web Monitoring 4 new Features, Improvements, and Bug fixes

We are happy to announce the release of 4 New Features for TeamViewer Web Monitoring!

1.    Reporting for monitor's migration from Monitis

We have released a downloadable report file for monitor's migration from Monitis that will allow users to see the migrated from Monitis monitors and migration success level. 

Now after the based on configuration dump file monitors creation process ending customers on the information dialog bar at the top, can click and download the CSV file, with the Monitor Name, Monitor Type, and Status information.

2.   12 Additional Monitoring Locations

The expansion of our global network of monitoring locations is an ongoing process. We've added 12 new locations: 4 in Europe, 4 in the Americas, and 4 in Asia. Please see the screenshot below where we have selected the new locations. 

This expansion brings the total number of monitoring locations to 32. This will further improve our customers’ ability to detect issues related to general internet latency or network hop issues and to prevent false positives caused by local or inter-connect problems.  

3. Transaction Monitor Error Step Details  

Customers can now see the Transaction monitor error Step Details in the Alarms tab as well as the Email notification text body.

Details such as Error content, Step number where the failure occurred, Step name and description, and duration will help the customer to understand detected problems and their potential origins.

4. New UI features list of Monitors 

To improve the management of monitors for our customers, we have added the following features to the Monitors list view:

  • Displaying the number and status of Alarms per monitor
  • Direct chart view link icon for each monitor
  • Sorting possibility by Monitor status and name

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