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Is Teamviewer blocked my ip address

I think the team viewer block my ip address.

why this be happen ?



  • raminhk
    raminhk Posts: 1

    I think they blocks all Iranian IP addresses.

  • Behnood
    Behnood Posts: 2

    I have this problem too, used it on different computers with different ISPs, still the same: "not ready, check your connection".
    hope they have the decency not to block us because of the sanctions on the goverment.

  • Tried it with older versions but not connected.

    But 2 of my pcs are still connected they use 11 version. They use same ISP!

  • emran
    emran Posts: 7

    I am from iran too and I have got the same problem starting today.

    All of my Remote computers are now inaccessible....!!!!

    Could anyone from teamviewer answer this thread?



  • emran
    emran Posts: 7

    still looking for a reasonable answer...

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