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Still time out after licence reset!

N3S7OR Posts: 1 Newbie


I did a license reset, as suggested, even that i never got a message about suspected commercial use. The connection still times out when i using my phone to remote my PC, if I'm inactiv on the app. Is it so that the free licence is limited so you actually can't be inactivity on the app? There are no setting in the app about time limit, like on the desktop app. I only use teamviewer so I don't need to use my keyboard and mouse, that's hidden away, for start up games etc. When the connection times out, the games got minimized and the window "This was a free session sponsored by Teamviewer..." are shown. Nothing about suspected commercial use. So I need to connect again to be able to play further, and after 5-10 minutes the same thing again... Is the app programed to be limited like this or am I missing something???


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