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Linux support for Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Stanislav Posts: 302 Staff member 🤠
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Operating system: Management Console

Product: Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (integrated)

Version: 21.9.1

Release date: 01-09-2021

Change Log

New Features

  • Linux support
    • Starting with TeamViewer version 15.21 Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection can be activated on Linux distributions.
    • Linux activations count always towards a Server license. The settings are visible only for accounts with the server license activations.
    • Debian 8, Debian 9, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15, Ubuntu 20, Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 16, other RPM-based distros

  • Auto update setting in the TeamViewer management Console
    • Auto-update is On by default. We recommend keeping it On for latest versions.
    • Auto-update can be postponed fro various reasons in the policy.

Known Bugs

  • We fixed a bug which allowed users with no rights to access the nebula console via the magik link in the policy settings (advanced settings) FNow users which do not have rights will not be able to access the nebula portal.
  • Fixed a bug which gave an error while deleting a schedule for scanning. 
  • Fixed a bug which was showing different numbers of detections in TeamViewer Management Console dashboard than in Nebula Console. 

Product Owner, Remote Management services.

Product Owner, Remote Management services.