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TeamViewer and Windows 11 (21H2) Update



  • Orth
    Orth Posts: 2 ✭✭


    Please fix the important Windows 11 issues. Please test it on real hardware like elitedesk 805 g8 or so.

    Connection to Windows 11 in a virtual Machine works good. Connecting from W10 Work PC to new W11 Home PC is horrible.

    Screen stays black for a few seconds before you can login and gets completly black again after typing the password.

    Changing optimization from speed to quality or vice versa and the screen should be viewable again.

    Only parts of the startmenu are visible and moved like on seltzdesign picture. Hitboxes for buttons stay where they should be.

    I can't scroll in the windows setting app. Scrollbar moves down but in teamviewer the windows stays like nothing happend.

    Some sort of refresh or redraw system seems to be buggy.

    Overall performance got also worse. Scrolling inside of Edge or Firefox is very laggy with W11 Elitedesk 805 G8. W10 -> W10 with Elitedsk 805 G6 works good.

    With best regards


  • Parker667
    Parker667 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited August 2022

    Everything works fine with teamviewer for me on Windows 11; however, I cannot turn on easy access on my pc anymore. Everytime I turn on easy access on team viewer, it will just turn straight off by itself. There is also a issue which is when I try connect to my pc using password. It will tell be that the password is incorrect even tho I am 100% sure the password is correct. Therefore, I am unable connect by password so I can only use the other option to connect to my pc.

    P.S: I tried using Windows 10 and a MacBook and they do not have this issue.