Direct call not connecting trough Relay Server (Frontline onprem installation)

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Currently we're facing the problem that direct calls trough the phonebook, are not connecting properly. The caller gets "connected" but the callee has an endless loop on the loading screen.

If the caller adds a third participant to the ongoing call, the second and the third participant gets connected properly.

Also when creating a "planned call" with two participants, either "immediate call" or "scheduled call", the connection also works properly.

We're using an onprem installation and because of internal security restrictions, a TURN/STUN server - configuration.

We already set the "xserver.xassist.forceRelay"-property to "true".

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Any other property or setting we might be missing?

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  • enoch_t
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    Hi Alex,

    Want to also let you know that we are working on it and will communicate further through our regular channel of communication.

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