Trigon, Digon etc.. what this mean ?

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Trigon, Digon etc.. what this mean ?
As I suppouse this is kind of "forum rank" but where is a list of ranks ?


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    It actually didn't answer much despite you writing many words. It would be more motivating to understand what it actually means and what "possible benefits" are there... This is the first post that shows up when one looks up the title since not even on the notification informing of the promotion has any information on what it means. But oh well, just my 2 cents.

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    This is crazy - sounds like a ChatGPT bot invented this stuff. Lots of words - little meaning - no impact, lots of confusion.

    update - right after I posted above, i received an email saying that I was now promoted to Henagon

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    What in the name of Chat-PokeAImon is this?