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Esther Posts: 4,112 Former Community Manager

Hi TeamViewer Community,

With the latest update of our TeamViewer Community, we introduced the Unanswered Posts-area on the Community´s start page and the different category pages like TeamViewer, ITbrain, About this Community, …

What is the purpose of this new area?

With this new area it is even easier for all TeamViewer experts among our user-base to find other user questions to reply to quickly and without any hassle.

Please feel free to browse through the unanswered posts (just click on Show more) and answer to as many user questions as you like whenever you are visiting the community.

The goal is to get even more replies and solutions and to help everybody with their individual question.

Where to find the Unanswered Posts-area exactly?

The Unanswered Posts-area is right underneath the latest topics overview:

Unanswered posts2.png


 Using the magnifying glass:

Unanswered posts1.png

Thank you all and all the best,


Former Community Manager


  • I created a topic, it is NOT in the unanswered posts, nor is it listed in "latest topics" and when I sort by "date topic created", my topic is NOWHERE to be found!


    What is going on???

  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 777 Senior Moderator

    Hello @MoltresRider,

    Thank you for your post.

    Your post was flagged by the Community SPAM filter due to the logs entered in the ticket.

    I have approved the post, but removed the logs from the post so it will not be flagged again. You should now see the post in your activity feed as well as the forum itself.

    I hope this helps! 


    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator


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