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Password Reset Email

All I'm trying to do it receive my password reset email.  I don't know my password and I just want to reset it.  I had to create a whole new account just to post here because I couldn't even log in here with my correct email address.
I have clicked the "I forgot my password" link and entered my email address over 10 times and still have received no email.
I tried to create a new account using my email address, but Teamviewer says "that account already exists".



  • Are you still having this problem? I had to do the exact same thing!

  • mouse99
    mouse99 Posts: 1

    I know this is 3 yrs old but the solution is to try and post to the forum (or just give kudos to a comment and it will ask you to sign in) at and enter the known email and at this point you get the 'forgotten password' box and you can take it from there. I am surprised this info is not on the main website. I had to ring support and pay for listning to a recorded message giving the info 'visit' which is the ONLY support they provide to the free users

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