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HELP No license moves left

No license moves left DEACTIVE DEVICE

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  • All I did was a windows update and now I can't log into teamviewer on that device. Seriously?

  • DotScott1
    DotScott1 Posts: 1 Newbie

    This is pretty ridiculous, guys. A move limit on the software I pay for? I had to send my laptop in for repairs so I transferred my license to an older computer so I could keep working (it's an extremely slow computer though). Got my laptop back and now am being halted from doing my work properly on my laptop (much faster than my old computer) because of this silly "move limit". Opened a ticket for it earlier yesterday but still no response/resolution and I'm supposed to be working. Again... this is ridiculous. Let us move the licenses we pay for. Sometimes we upgrade computers, update or reset windows, etc. and some of us can't afford to be halted like this because of a "move limit". I'm already looking into alternatives to TeamViewer because of this...

  • Voice_Power_NZ
    Voice_Power_NZ Posts: 0 Newbie

    Your an IT company - A move limit on the software licenses? How often do people have to rebuild their workstations, how often does a new Windows upgrade cause issues or a rest of windows?

    After years of using Teamveiwer in different organisations and now 5 in my own I am considering alternatives to TeamViewer after a Windows 10 update has caused one of my TV activations to be used and I can't move this activation to the same machine - sigh.

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