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There is no such thing as the perfect candidate!

Perfect candidate.pngOnly the perfect candidate for the job. 

We are looking for talents, not just degrees. “Hire the will, train the skill” they say, and we agree. We are looking for relentless passion and motivation to help us write our success story.

Our products were developed out of the need to remotely work and collaborate with people and machines. We were determined to remove all geographical barriers to make connections possible that weren’t before. We only achieved this because of the motivation and dedication of our people. They are the heart of our operation, so we created an environment to help them prosper.

What’s the formula? We look for candidates:

  • Open to give and receive honest feedback. Express your opinion and listen to your team’s feedback in order to develop and be successful together.
  • Ready to fall fast and stand up faster. We try out new things and if they don’t work, we learn and become wiser for the next time.
  • Be a TeamPlayer. We are “Team”Viewers because we understand the importance of collaboration to achieve great things together.
  • Passion, passion and… passion. Oh, and passion!

These are the characteristics our people have in common and we look for this in all candidates.

Do you think you could be the right candidate to join us on our mission? Start your mission with TeamViewer and be part of our success story. You can contact us anytime at: [email protected]



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