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Cannot sign in (Computers and Contacts) when WMC Extender connected

I am running a Win7 HTPC with Windows Media Center as my whole-home DVR system supporting five HDTV's and WMC Extenders around my house.  When a WMC Extender is in use, it is actually functioning using Remote Desktop Protocol, connected to the HTPC as a "user".  Up to five extenders can be in use simultaneously, each one being an RDP client.

I have recently noticed that when any of my Extenders is actually active (e.g. I am watching a recorded TV program at one of my HDTV's through the related WMC extender) it is impossible to connect to any of the remote PC's on my team (i.e. through Team Viewer's "Computers and Contacts") because the entire user interface has gone blank!  In fact the password area has gone blank and the SIGNIN button has become grayed out, even though just before the WMC extender became active I was actually logged into the TeamViewer system and the Computers and Contacts window was perfectly normal and presented all of my team computers.


If I disconnect the WMC extender (i.e. the RDP client disconnects), lo and behold the normal Computers and Contacts window automatically just reappears by itself showing all of my team computers again.

I suspect there may be something about RDP and network security as considered by TeamViewer that prevents Computers and Contacts from "phoning home" and keep me conencted to the TeamViewer system site.

Note that if I do actually have an ongoing active connection to computers on my team, those connections remain active. It is only the Computers and Contacts window which "goes blank".  However if I disconnect from any of these active connections I will not be able to reconnect to them again until I terminate my WMC extender RDP connection to the HTPC since the Computers and Contacts window will remain blank ad long as a WMC extender (i.e. active RDP client connection) is functioning.


  • Well, a bit more experimentation and a bit more information. The essence of this thread is still the same... that TeamViewer appears to have its Computers and Contacts interface impacted by an active Windows Media Center extender connection (i.e. RDP active).

    I didn't describe the sequence of events quite correctly in my original post. What actually happens is that when the WMC extender goes active the Computers and Contacts mostly goes blank. In particular all of my team computers disappear and the password goes blank, but the signin button is still blue... suggesting you might be able to sign in.  But actually if you click on the password area to actually enter something, the signin button grays out instantly.  So you can't really sign in at all.

    Here's how things looked at first:


    And then I activated one of my WMC extenders.  Here's what then instantly happened to the Computers and Contacts window:


    As I've now described, if I actually click on the password area the signin button goes gray, preventing actually signing in.  And actually I can't even type anything in the password area.

    This state remains until I disonnect the WMC extender.  At that instant the signin button comes back to blue, and the password area becomes usable again. I can now enter my password and push the signin button and connection to the Team Viewer site occurs and my team of computers once again appears.. 

  • I first reported this symptom in the TeamViewer version 13 forum, and it continues unfixed now in version 14, right up through the latest 14.1.3399.

    The problem is that when a Remote Desktop Session is active (e.g. one or more remote extenders providing TV somewhere in the house are active, connecting to a Windows Media Center PC) both of the TeamViewer windows (main window and Computers and Contacts window) "go blank" and lose their populated data, making it impossible to connect with remote computers since no remote computers are shown and the login field and button are inoperative. In the main window my ID and PASSWORD also are blank, thus making it impossible for somebody else to connect to my machine.

    This symptom appears instantly as soon as a WMC remote extender connects to the WMC PC, thus initiating an RDP session on the WMC PC. Both windows which at the time have perfectly normal fully populated data instantly go "blank".  And then as soon as the last remote extender RDP session terminates both of the TeamViewer windows instantly re-populate with all normal data again and all new connection functionality returns. But as long as one or more WMC extender/RDP sessions are active, no new remote connections are possible.

    This is a very similar symptom to the VM Hyper-V session situation for which users reported the identical symptoms as I describe above, as long as one or more Hyper-V session was active. The problem was reported to TeamViewer Support and was supposedly fixed in 14.1.13880. However there was NO FIX IMPLEMENTED for the related WMC extender/RDP session situation, which is still a problem even in 14.1.3399.

    I am a "free" user, so I get no support from the TeamViewer company. I would very much appreciated it if a licensed user who is also running Windows Media Center (win7) with remote extenders/RDP sessions and thus is experiencing the same symptom I am, would please report this ongoing unfixed defect to TeamViewer Support. They may have now fixed things for Hyper-V but the have not yet fixed things for WMC and RDP.

    Please help by submitting a ticket on behalf of all WMC/RDP users. Thanks.

  • This problem CONTINUES to be present and un-resolved by Team Viewer even to the very latest 14.1.9025.

    This affects not only me and my Windows Media Center "extenders" which connect to the HTPC using Remote Desktop Protocol, but also VM sessions for others.  When an RDP connection is active, or when VM session is active, the Team Viewer "Computers and Contacts" window becomes unusable to establish new connections.

    Existing Team Viewer connections which are already active when the RDP/VM connections initiate are not affected, and they are allowed to continue operating.  But NEW Team Viewer connections are now impossible as long as the RDP/VM connection remains active, since the "Computers and Contacts" window is blank (i.e. no computers and contacts are displayed) and unusable for entry of password.

    I repeat my plea with the Team Viewer company: is this really what you wanted?  How can you ignore this negative and harmful consequence of what the program does?  Do you not consider this a "bug" or "defect"? Don't you know you have users that use VM, and WMC, and Remote Desktop Protocol to "remote-in to other systems, like their office computers?  It is impossible to use Team Viewer when these other remote connections are active.

    This problem has been widely publicized for a year now. It deserves your attention and resolution. It didn't used to be how things worked with older versions ofyour product, but about a year ago some new architecture you invented caused this symptom.

    It needs to be undone.


  • I first reported this problem on the Forum back in Sept 2018, when using TV version 13.  Here is that thread still available for viewing in the "legacy version" forum.

    I then added another thread in Dec 2018 in the version 14 forum when version 14 came out, explaining the same symptom still existed with v14.1.3399.  Here is that thread, still available for viewing.

    I then posted an additional comment in Feb 2019 to this second thread when v14.1.9025 was released, indicating the original problem still persisted unfixed. And in fact the problem persisted through all released versions of TV 14.

    I am now once again reporting that in the very latest TV 15.0.8397 the problem continues to persist, unfixed. 


    The problem is very simple: if a Remote Desktop session is currently active on a machine, Team Viewer connection from that machine to any other machine on the team is totally prevented and inhibited.  It's impossible because the "computers & contacts" presentation on the machine with RDP active is blanked out, and the "spinning circle" just spins forever.  There is no list of recent/online computers or login credentials or connection buttons presentation. Just a blank panel with spinning wheel, and "you are currently offline".

    For example, here is what "computers & contacts" looks like normally on this host machine:


    And when I start an RDP session on this machine (e.g. I initiated a Windows Media Center extender session, from an extender somewhere in my house connecting to Windows Media Center running on this machine) here is what "computers & contacts" looks like:


    In the reverse direction things are also interesting.  Here's what appears as the Team Viewer window on the desktop of the connecting machine, when attempting connection from that machine to a target machine which is running an active RDP session to it (e.g. WMC extender session to this machine):


    What's interesting here is that in the "background" of what appears on the machine attempting connection to the target machine with the active RDP session is what is appearing on the TV screen connected (via HDMI cable) to the Windows Media Center extender, which actually is the "remote RDP client" connecting to the "host RDP server"and for which this RDP session is active on the connect-to machine. Turns out this lasts only briefly, and then seems to terminate on its own and the presentation disappears.

    What also happens simultaneously with this brief connectivity (before terminating on its own) from the outside is that there are some TeamViewer popups and messages that flash briefly onto the TV connected to the Windows Media Center extender whose RDP session is active on the target PC running Windows Media Center.

    In other words it appears that when connectivity from an outside machine is attempted to a machine having an active RDP session, Team Viewer on that target connected-to machine is passing things to the RDP session for handling, rather than to the primary Windows desktop itself. What is passed back to the connecting machine for display is not the primary Windows desktop, but rather what RDP through the WMC extender is presenting on its connected TV

    This is of course wrong and unsuccessful and not what is intended by design, but in fact is what is happening.  Clearly 100% defective.

    NOTE: users of VM sessions have reported the identical types of Team Viewer malfunctioning, whenever a VM session is active. So it's not just RDP sessions and the "relatively few" people who run Windows Media Center (on Win7 machines).  It is anybody supporting RDP into a target machine who cannot use Team Viewer to connect either to or from that machine as long as either a general RDP session to that machine is active, or as long as a VM session on that machine is active. 

    And of course my own situation is that I cannot connect to or from a Win7 machine running Windows Media Center, whenever there is an active RDP session (i.e. whenever a WMC extender is running somewhere in my house because I'm watching TV there through WMC and the extender... which operates using an RDP session from extender to the PC).

    This problem has existed for years now, and has been reported multiple times... not only by me because of my WMC extender session trigger, but also by others (much more numerous) who run general RDP connections as well as VM sessions. Having either of those active on a machine prevents that machine from any outbound connection through Team Viewer, as well as any inbound connection to that machine ghrough Team Viewer running on other machines.

    Seems like a serious enough issue for the Team Viewer engineers to maybe finally look into it and resolve??  


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