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Using Remote Access Licenses and Free Licenses mixed.

I have 7 PCs.

PC1(Office Laptop / for Work)
PC2(Home1 Desktop / for Home Entainment and Homework)
PC3(Home1 Desktop / for Home Entainment)
PC4(Home1 Desktop / for Home Entainment)
PC5(Home1 Desktop / for Home Entainment)
PC6(Home1 Desktop / for Home Entainment)
PC7(Home2 Desktop / for Home Entainment and Homework)

I have bought and activated Remote Access Licenses to PC1,PC2,PC7 for work and Homework.

All Works or Homeworks are done from PC2/PC7 to PC1, or vice versa.

All Home Entainments are done from PC2/PC7 to PC3/PC4/PC5/PC6, or vice versa.

Recently, everytime I connect from PC2/PC7(Remote Access License) to PC3~PC6(Free License), teamviewer shows message "you or your partner commercial use suspected"

Was it a License Violation for mixed purpose like this methods?

Should I have bought additional Remote Access Licenses on remainder PC3,PC4,PC5,PC6 for the purpose of personal use?




  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,256 [Former Staff]

    Hi @PDSTORY,

    Thank you for your post.

    The free version of TeamViewer cannot be used on a device that is used for commercial purposes. So although I understand that some of your usage is commercial and some is personal, the only way for us to create a system that splits commercial and personal use on one device would be to monitor the content of your connections which we will not do as it is a violation of privacy.   The free version can only be used in private environments. Unfortunately because of the business use on your device, it is classified as a commercial environment and it will be unable to use the free version.

     Hope this information will be helpful.

    Best regards,


    Former Japanese Community Moderator
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    Is it possible for us to split Commercial Use and Personal Use on HOMEWORK environment?

    I think devices with simultaneous commercial and personal use must have Remote Access Licenses applied, and there should be no limit to devices with Remote Access Licenses communicating with free licensed devices for personal use.


    Current team viewer licensing policies have problems with working at home.


  • STR__
    STR__ Posts: 2 Newbie

    I want the same possibility.

    I have a paid account, but sometimes I want to access my private PC, without burn-marking my free account.