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Best Practice for Personal (free) and Corporate (licensed) to co-exist?


I use Teamviewer for both work and personal. I have two accounts, my corporate licensed account and my free personal account for home.

How do I get the two to co-exist happily without triggering the dreaded "commercial use" lockdown.

I'm not sure adding my Grandmas PC to my corporate account is the right thing to do, but then I can't help her from my work PC when she phones to say her knitting website isn't working. (once I log out of my licenced version, my free account locks up because it's fair that I do use my PC it for commercial use - detection is working correct)

How do I get both address books and accounts to be active at the same time?  Or as a better question, how have you been able to solve this issue?

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  • Hello,

    I have a mixed environment on my PC:

    Commercial Version 9 - because of my company

    Whatever last version when helping my friends.

    Unfortunately TeamViewer disconnect me when using the personal environment because "I have to buy a licence". How can I use the same PC for this two environments?

    Kind regards,


  • AlanW1
    AlanW1 Posts: 157 [Former Staff]

    Hi, luconsta

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    Unfortunately you cannot use one device for a mixed environment.

    Commercial use is defined on a device basis because we can only track the usage based on devices. Otherwise it will be meaningless for us as TeamViewer account on the device can be easily switched from one to one. 

    Once a device is classified as commercial use, free version will be no longer available on it.

    Thanks for your understanding.


  • Hi, Thanks for this. I suspected as much.  Yes, your assumption of both accounts on the same device is correct.

    As a follow up clarification then:  If I work to migrate all my families PC's to my commercial license (and stop using/close my free account), how can I keep these away from my team members?  They don't need to see my Grandma's PC in their list of shared devices.

    Am I correct in assuming that if I add them into "My computers" (no cloud icon), that these will remain private to me only?  (and then I configure the remote agent security settings to suit - need to figure that bit out)

    As an aside, can I add a feature request to support dual accounts in a future version?  If I ever leave this company, unclipping my Grandmas PC from the old company is a pain :-)

  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 568 Senior Moderator

    Hello @aaronthynne,

    You are correct in regards to groups with no cloud.

    As long as the devices are in a group you are not sharing to anyone else (as indicated by no cloud icon), only you can see the devices in this group.

    I will forward your feedback as a feature request as well; although I cannot say if or when such a feature could be added, we appreciate your feedback!

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator


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  • ehrw
    ehrw Posts: 2

    I find a bunch of people struggling with this when I google. Myself included!
    It's just not right to start adding your relatives and family you help to a corporate account...

    I hope you can push this more and let it somehow create a new Teamviewer ID for the corporate account or any other way. Right now this punishes people who're choosing Teamviewer as their tool to help friends and family 

  • I notice now i can login with both my accounts (my personal with which i help family, my corporate with wich i help customers).  However i have not helped someone out with my personal yet, so i have no clue about the 5 minute time limit.

    Is it possible now to use both accounts from one (my company) computer?

    Since the solution Josh marks as solution does not feel like a solution to me.  Why is it possible to indicate "use this device for personal and commercial use" during installation?

    thank you in advance

  • ehrw
    ehrw Posts: 2

    Dodging around the problem like this is not okay. They're completely ignoring the problem and charging more for the business suite if you want to do remote on mobile. I'm not going to use Teamviewer privately anymore and recommend to my organization that we drop it. It's the only way to get through to people nowadays

  • Tarquinio
    Tarquinio Posts: 1

    Hello. I just had a problem trying to connect t my home computer using teamviewer.

    I get the error "Alert: Our system has detected commercial use of Teamviewer software by you or your connection partner. To continue this connection, at least one of the parties needs to have a commercial license". I do use Teamviewer mostly commercially in my company, using a company account. And we do have a premium account for that. 

    I'm usually logged in the company account. I logged out of the company account, logged in my personal free account and got the error trying to connect to my personal computer at home. Is this against the rules somehow?

     I also had recently given access to my personal account to the computers in my company account, so I didn't have to keep switching accounts. Could this be the problem? I though this would be allowed. And reading the error message also seems this would be allowed.