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Commercial Use Suspected, Removed, Crashed, Reinstalled, OK!

Sorry for the complicated title, but I want it to be searchable by anyone else who may have experienced the same problem I just did.

I recently completed the "Declaration of Private Use" form because I didn't want to see the "Commercial Use Suspected" messages every time I connected to one of my other 4 PCs (I have 5 in total).

Today for the first time my XP machine would not connect to any of my Windows 10 machines (except that I didn't try the one in the kitchen - it wasn't running.)

I have screenshots of various messages which I could post, if required. They were:

"Teamviwer has encountered a problem..." - i.e. the usual Microsoft crash notification,

"The instruction "----" at address "----"... the memory could not be read" - another MS message.

The three Windows 10 machines could all connect to each other.

Only on one occasion did I get the "Commercial use suspected" message. All other Win10 to Win10 connections were free of the "Commercial use suspected"  message.

I rebooted my XP PC and did not install all the usual programs that normally get installed on startup, but I still got the same "crash" report or "Memory unreadable" reports when running Teamviewer. These problems would occur on the XP machine whether I was trying to connect FROM the XP machine or TO it.

In desperation I thought I'd re-install v 14.1.9025.0. Amazingly - to me, at least - Teamviewer now works OK. 

If it hadn't worked, I was going to ask Teamviewer to "undo" whatever you did to remove the "Commercial use suspected" message. I had assumed that maybe there was a path through the software that had never been used when "Commercial Use" was suspected, and by changing my account to remove that message you had changed the path that the software took and it then hit this memory error. 

Anyway, after re-installing, all appears to be OK again and instead of the "Commercial use Supected" message I now get the "Buy Now" message which is fine.

I hope this log of events is of use to anyone else that gets into this situation.



  • RDNRDN Posts: 9

    And now the situation is much worse than it was before I filled in the form.

    I actually sent a scan of the form again, this time listing the TeamViewer IDs of my 5 PCs. And now I get logged out almost immediately I connect to one of my PCs and a notice appears that I cannot connect for another 10 minutes.

    So what was the point of filling in that form? I'm retired, have 5 PCs as a hobby and now that I've filled in the form I get cut off! How in the world does that make any sense?

    Would you like a picture of the 4 PCs right in front of me now? The fifth one is in the kitchen. I'm serious - would you like a picture of the 4 of them right in front of me?

    I thought the idea of filling in the form was that I would never see the message about commercial use again. Instead, I still see the message and now I get cut off.


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