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Digital signature for installer files

We run application whitelisting software on our workstations, and have teamviewer hosts with automatic updating enabled.  We allow execution based on file has or digital signature, depending on application.  While the main installer exe is digitally signed, DLL/EXE files executed during the install/update process are not signed.  For example: nsArray.dll, System.dll, InvokeShellVerb.dll, FindProcDLL.dll, nsExec.dll, KillProcDLL.dll and others, called by Un_A.exe

Could all DLL/EXE files in the installer be digitally signed?


  • edvega
    edvega Posts: 1

    We also have the same issue, some of those files are blocked in our security system, specially InvokeShellVerb[.]dll and nsExec[.]dll.

    We need to know if those files belong to TeamViewer for sure.??.

    Please repond this is a serious security concern.