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Introducing the new Monitoring Alarms View

We are very happy to introduce the new Monitoring Alarms View with a brand new, crisp and functional design which was researched and developed based on our users' needs.

We have redesigned the entire experience to enable the users to have the most important information about their managed devices accessible for when they needed.

We improved the visibility for the severity of the alarms and added quick actions for each alarm so that customers are able to take quick action when needed.

    • Red Alarms – alarms which are new and have not yet been seen by the manager of the devices.
    • Yellow Alarms – alarms which are in a state that failed, however, the manager acknowledged that he/she is aware of them.
    • No colour – alarms are resolved, checked states are back to nominal and are kept for historical purposes.

    We added the signature look of our redesigns, expandable rows. Now alarms can be expanded and the details of the failed check state can be read by clicking on any alarm.

      • The details of each check are available if an alarm is expanded.
      • Some alarms do not have a lot of information in the details, however, there are alarms such as Event Log, Network Adapter Traffic and Disk Health which provide a lot of important information for troubleshooting systems.

      Monitoring redesign view.png


      We are always looking for feedback, feel free to reply to this post at any time.


      Product Owner, Remote Management services.
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