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Welcome to the Remote Access Support Hub

JoshP Posts: 844 Senior Moderator
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Hello to all Remote Access Customers!

This board is designed to provide one-stop access to questions as well as a public forum of which to discuss issues encountered or even feedback! 

To ensure proper sorting, when submitting a new post, we request you choose one of three available tags: Technical Question, License Query, or Other.

Tags can be entered in the Tags field, directly below the editor window.


Here are a few helpful links:

How to Activate Your TeamViewer Remote Access License - everything you need to know on how to get started

How to Submit a Ticket - if you are unable to find an answer here, you can create a new ticket request for the support team

And, as always - Welcome to the TeamViewer Community, and thank you for being active members!

Josh P.
Senior Community Moderator


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  • Newtown_Dental101
    Newtown_Dental101 Posts: 2 Newbie

    Many thanks for your reply Josh. So glad there are still angels these days. I will try do my very best to follow. It is hard when you don't have computer background and I'm at home. thanks again