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Pre-load sessions, Be able to move tabs and Auto-Recover

Three requests:

1. It would be great if we can move the TABS around when we have multiple sessions loaded.  I like to have all the servers loaded up in order but when one closes because TV crashes or I have to update one or reboot a server, it messes up the order.  This is minor but would be great! :)

2. a bigger one is to be able to Pre-load sessions.  Every time I update TV, the PC is updated and rebooted or anything that makes TV crash, I must reload my 15 sessions I always have up.  This would be AMAZING if we can say load up this Session when TV starts up!!! :) pleaseee

3. If TV detects it has crashed, there should be a auto recover option!!!  Right now I install TightVNC Viewer on my key servers and PCs that have TV loaded so if TV crashes, I can remote in and restart TV.

Thanks again for an excellent product,




  • Kind of related to this... I am contacting multiple remote users with multiple screens at the remote end. The order fo the screens is unpredictable, so on connection I have each monitor show in a separate window. Problem is that I then have to figure out which window goes where so that it makes sense, ie one machine might have the order as 1, 2, 3, 4 (I wish), while another might have 3, 1, 4, 3.

    Iw ould be grate to be able to save this in the remote control section for each computer, so I can connect and open all 4 monitors, and have them displayed where they were last time.

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