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FAQ on Remote Access Plan

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Hi all,

TeamViewer created a new license type called Remote Access license. Our goal was to offer a low price, high-value solution for specific use cases like Remote Access or Remote Work . Classic examples are Home Offices or Server administration to a limited extent.

To give you a great starting point we created this FAQ to tackle the most common questions!

What is Remote Access plan? And what is the difference between Remote Access and TeamViewer core licenses?

  • Remote Access plan is a low price, high-value solution for specific use cases like Remote Access or Remote Work
  • Visit Remote Access plan information page for more information


Can I talk to TeamViewer support team? How to contact TeamViewer support


I have paid my Remote Access plan, but no confirmation email and no license received, what should I do?

  • The first email immediately after purchase is the email that contains the activation link - this is sent prior to the invoice as the invoice may take up to 24 hours to generate. We kindly ask your patience and check on your email inbox and spam folder in the meantime.
  • Visit TeamVewer community Remote Access support board for possible solutions


How do I activate the Remote Access plan?


I have activated Remote Access plan on my account, but why I can not use it?

  • Please login your licensed account
  • Check on TeamViewer version – Latest version on both sides
  • Complete the activation on endpoint devices
  • Check whether a company Profile attached with licensed account- Login to TeamViewer Management Console. 
    • If you have created a company profile, please delete the company profile in the Management Console by clicking on your name in the upper right corner --> Administer [your company profile name] --> under General --> Click (Remove all users and) delete company --> click Save --> Read the following warning and confirm that you are aware that this process cannot be undone --> click Delete company.
      • All selected users are now removed from the company and your company has been deleted. 
      • You can now use your Remote Access license
  • Kindly check out more information on How to activate your Remote Access plan


How many endpoints can I connect to?

  • Remotely access 3 assigned computers or servers. Also you can purchase 3 additional endpoint devices anytime. For more informationm, please visit here.


How many device resets do I get?


I have purchased Remote Access plan, can I upgrade to TeamViewer Core license?


I have purchased Remote Access plan, Can I use Remote Access plan and my core license at the same time?

  • No, Remote Access plan and core license should be activated on separate accounts and use separately


Which version of TeamViewer should I use Remote Access on?


What is the supported Operating System compatible with Remote Access plan?

Connecting from/to












Can I use Remote Access connect to customised module?


What other features come with Remote Access plan


Useful links/Further readings


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