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Pilot - Pay per use

This is simple. 

  1. The feature is a great and innovative idea.  Kudos TeamViewer!
  2. Teamviewer wants to charge $35/month at the time of this writing for this feature.
  3. This is not a request for revenue sharing.
  4. Cost vs Benefit for gazillions of licensees is too high.  Infrequent use, maybe once or twice a year?  After all, we've lived without it for years just fine.
  5. Just as you can buy a song for $0.99 on Apple, why not charge per use?  If price was trivial , it might garner adoption.
  6. Those who regularly depend on this feature would choose the subscription plan.  Just how many time would you need this to justify $35 per month?  For me, once daily at a minimum.  However, paying $2 per use would not prevent me from using it.
  7. Charging for the one-time use would not undermine subscriptions, it would add revenue from licensees that would never pay.  It would lower inhibitions to tryout the feature.  

This just might be the gateway drug to more subscriptions.  Those who agree with me, please upvote!

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