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Wake On LAN - Status Suggestion

Hi,  TeamViewer is excellent!  I just wanted to share my Wake On LAN experience, and some small suggestions on how to make it smoother.

I was setting up a Wake On LAN (WOL) system using the "always up" neighbor method.  But the PC I was trying to wake up wasn't waking up.   Since I had neither used TeamViewer or WOL on any PC before, I was in the dark as to what the problem was.

It would have been a lot easier to troubleshoot if the "Wake Up" button in TeamViewer would show a detailed status as to what is happening during the Wake Up process.  For example, it would have been good to know that the always-on-neighbor was actually found by the TeamViewer network and actually fired off the magic packet for wake-up.  That would have ruled out that aspect of the wake-up process.  (As it was, I wasn't sure if TeamViewer was able to fire off any magic packets, or if the target PC was misconfigured.)

Also, once everything finally gets configured correctly, and non-technical users begin to use their "Wake Up" buttons.  A detailed status would help them be patient while the target PC goes through its boot process.  Right now, when you press Wake Up, there is no feedback to the user, and they might end up pressing it multiple times or clicking on other things that might get them into trouble.

Bill F.