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Wake on lan stopped working

Yesterday, I enabled WoL on my home PC using teamviewer.
I'm using a redmi note 8 pro to connect to a windows 10 custom PC that is connected to my router via CPL.
I have made my IP adress static, enable WoL in my BIOS, configured teamviewer and opened a UDP port on my router.
At first it worked just fine, I was able to wake the computer up even when it was completly shut down but suddenly, it stopped working for seemingly no reason.
I haven't been able to get it back working since.


  • BAT54
    BAT54 Posts: 2

    I've just checked and I can't wake it even with another computer.

    And my cpl going to sleep is likely not the problem because it is waken up when it recieves the magic packet.

  • with windows 7 the TeamViewer WOL functionality (from a public address) was working fine. 

    after my upgrade to Windows 10 it didn't work anymore.

    I have made a clean installation of Windows 10.

    All items are configured as they are supposed to be according to Teamviewer and NOIP.

    The WOL functionality does work with other applications, like RemoteBoot for iOS.

    Only waking up the computer with Teamviewer does not work.

    What can I do to get the wake-up button in my Teamviewer app working?