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Profile Name relocation and "rename a participant" option

People seems to be unable to find with ease the option to change their profile name. As I use Blizz for online training and education, it is very important to me to be able to identify who is trying to enter a meeting in order to check if that person already pay the course or not, but as for now, is is imposible for me to identify all participants that enter my online courses and locking a meeting is not an option for me, as almost 95% of the people thay buy one of my online courses don't change their profile names because they don't find the option. As a result, it is very possible that people that didn't buy the course is in the meeting.

So, the suggestion is, when people joins the meeting, inmediately pop-up the option asking the participant the name he or she want to use for the meeting, or, relocate it: instead of putting it under "options", put it under the box where the person writes the ID of the meeting and ask for confirmation about the name before enter the meeting.

Also, give the organizer and the presenter the option to rename a participant in the meeting.