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Using Teamviewer to manage remote desktop users and computers

I've purchased a premium licence to allow two users to access two remote computers at our office from home. I can't work out how I can allocate a computer to a user in the admin console though. We also use another product that has a watery name that is not at the bottom and the way its device management works  is more straightforward, or am I missing a trick? I just want to allocate a device to a user, so that when the user logs into the client on their local machine, the remote machine apperas as a bookmark that they can just open up. Is this possible with Teamviewer?


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    Hello @sparrowhawk ,

    You can login to their TeamViewer account, either online or through the program, or they can, and add the remote computer under "Computers & Contacts". Or, what I do for users, that only need access to a system or two, and not familiar with TeamViewer, is create a desktop shortcut that all they have to do is double click it and *boom* they're remoted into their system. Simple as creating a shortcut like:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe" --id TEAMVIEWERID
    More command line parameters can be found here.

    You can add the password to the shorcut too, but that’s a plain text password which I don’t personally care to see. You can base64 encrypt the password in the shortcut, but I prefer to just save that system’s password in their TeamViewer account with 2 factor authentication enabled. That way it's secure, you don’t need to add a password to the shortcut, and the user won’t ever need to enter it. This also helps us control the passwords and ensure no one is using something as simple as PASSWORD for a password.

    Alternatively, while logged in as the administrator in the online management console, under User management, click the gear icon next to a user you manage, edit user, then go to Shares. Here you can share entire groups of computers with users. They would need to be setup in your groups first. If you plan to remote into many computers yourself you probably won’t want to use this, it's intended for sharing remote control to many connections, groups, to something like a Help Desk that you would only want to have access to a particular client, for example. However, if you just plan on using your license for a couple users you could create a separate group for each user’s computers that you want them to access.

    I hope this information helps you. Feel free to ask for further help if you need it.


    TeamViewer user since version 6 (2010). We used other remote software programs (TVNC UVNC PCAny) for many years before.
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    EDIT: My earlier post was hidden by the spam filter, for some reason. A nice moderator brought it back. :D

    TeamViewer user since version 6 (2010). We used other remote software programs (TVNC UVNC PCAny) for many years before.