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iPhone --> Android Host App - not able to unlock black screen

I want to remotely manage some devices that can only be connected via bluetooth. Therefore I decided to look into using a cheap Android hardware (tested LG G4S as well as LG K6) and just connect to it via TeamViewer Host App. It works very well and I am actually happy with it!

The one and only downside: It is not possible to unlock the black screen with TeamViewer on iPhone! When using my Desktop PC (Windows10) it can unlock the black screen.

Does anyone have a possible solution here for me?




  • Christian,

    I have also seen this issue, for quite some time now. I have been able to connect from the iPhone to the Android devices on  a few rare occasions, but most of the time the connection attempts from the iPhone to the Android devices results in the black screen.

    Note: There are passcode locks on the Android devices. Simply ignoring the black screen and entering the passcode on the keyboard does not work.

    I would like to see a solution for this as well.

  • arubalsky
    arubalsky Posts: 1
    Same issue here. Cannot get past login screen. If the android phone is unlocked iOS app can easily connect
  • Has there been any progress on this? I'm currently in the same situation with my Huawei

  • Wondering the same thing as I am experiencing this problem too!

  • I faced the same issue, still facing that, no solution yet. vidmate

  • Solar
    Solar Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Same issue. No iOS device can unblock the **bleep** black screen. Galaxy Tab S4.

  • Same issue but what I do as a workaround is call the phone which wakes up the blank screen then when I connect I’m able to input the passcode.

  • I accidentially found a solution.

    Install Glimpse Notifications (an app that can wake you screen once a notification is shown on the phone) from Google Play on Android device (and make sure you give all relevant permissions to this app). After that connect to Android device from iOS (you will see a black screen), terminate connection and connect once again - you will see a screen. It seems to me that TeamViewer Host shows some notification after the connection is terminated and Glimps wakes the Android screen.

    Also - if you want to allow other users to access your Android device you should add their "contacts" to you TeamViewer, then create a "group" with relevant Android device and "share" this "group" with these contacts (see I've tried it and it worked (but please note that TeamViewer will be sending e-mail with links to be followed - if you don't follow them you won't be able to add a "group" to your "contacts"). 

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