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new policy "hear my audio/sounds" for incoming access control connections

I would like to ask for a new feature. There should be a policy where I could forbid the other PC hearing the sounds of my PC while being remote controled (incoming connections)


There are a lot of different policies but nothing for audio. Please add that one.



  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 6,210 Community Manager 🌍

    Hello @Gutriko,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! ?

    As an alternative, I could suggest the following:

    You untick the box Play computer sounds and music in your TeamViewer settings under Remote Control.

    2020-11-23 15_52_59-TeamViewer options.png

    And then, you export the setting via the .tvopt file and import this file into all the PCs that need to get this setting applied.

    I hope this could help. ?

    Stay safe and sane! ?


    Community Manager


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  • Gutriko
    Gutriko Posts: 4 ✭✭

    No this does not help unfortunately, Your proposal would mean that I need to rely on the other person to disable the sounds on his Computer. I want to block the other person from hearing my sounds, not just ask him to stop listening. It's like you ask someone to stop eavesdropping, I mean does it even make sense?