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Locked-down environment and constant device authorization

At times, I use Teamviewer (free license) from my work computer.  My preferred browser is Chrome, but my employer has it locked down, and I don't have the admin rights to install Teamviewer.


As a result, I have to use the Web Interface.  However, each time I restart Teamviewer seees my computer as a "new device" and forces me to authorize the device through email. This is a hassle!


Is there any way to authorize all connections from a specific IP address?  A way to turn off that level of security (before you ask, I'm using one-factor authentication).


I DO have rights to install other browsers.  Firefox automatically disables java due to it being an old version and again, I can't update it due to permissions.


Thank you for your thoughts!

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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 3

    Hi Dmccr,


    Fabien made a great suggestion! This way you only have to authorize your TeamViewer once on that device.


    If you however find yourself at a new computer, then this too will need to be authorized once again.

    What you could think of doing as an alternative is to set up 2FA!


    There is a great instruction video in the TeamViewer Two Factor Authentication Article


    Once you've got this set up, all you need is your smartphone with you and you can sign in anywhere - NO MORE TRUSTED DEVICE EMAILS :manvery-happy:


    Happy TeamViewer'ing!



  • DomLan
    DomLan Posts: 490 Star


    a really high number of users of our TeamViewer channels, complains the implementation of the authorized device management.
    The current implementation makes use of the browser cache (cookie) to store the operator's choice; for users who have configured cleaning the cache when they close the browser the application, the request is daily at each first access via OAuth. Annoying!

    TeamViewer could handle this directly on its servers and allow us to get a picture of the authorized devices directly from the Client or the Management Console.

    Thank you.

    Domenico Langone
    MCSD: App Builder
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  • Device Auth
         annoyance = high
         my account safety accomplished = 0

    I am constantly adding my own devices and have never even once had an anuthorized attempt this helped me with.

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