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Teamviewer is closing after launching it

Hi all, I'm using Teamviewer for personal use. I had it installer on a machine, but then I needed to clone the drive to save data. Now the old drive is offline. But since then everytime I open teamviewer it suddenly closes. I can barely have a glipmse with the ID but it's not easy to read it because it immediately closes.

I've already uninstalled cleaned registry and reinstalled but nothing changes. I've also removed that PC from the PCs registered on my account. But it closes everytime. Also removing the new drive and putting back the old damaged one it's the same. Any help? Thanks in advance


  • VaclavToncar
    VaclavToncar Posts: 1 Newbie

    Unfortunately, I have the same problem, but the program shuts down exactly 5 minutes after starting :-(

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