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February Update - Security Patches

Esther Posts: 3,879 Community Manager 🌍

Hi all,

Yesterday, we released some updates for TeamViewer 8 through 15, for the Windows platform.

We implemented a measure to prevent a Microsoft Windows system DLL from loading untrusted DLLs from the application directory into the service process

Please see our Change Logs here.

Nota Bene: Thank you, Fabián Cuchietti with Innotec Security, for the finding and following a responsible disclosure model. 

We are grateful that you reached out to us and that you could confirm the fix of your findings in the latest release.

At the same time, we released updates for macOS and Linux as well and recommend all customers to update accordingly.

All the best,


Community Manager

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  • tecNICKo
    tecNICKo Posts: 0 Newbie

    And I cam report that PANDA Adaptative Defence 360 endpoint Antivirus is blocking and reporting some dlls from the V15.15.5 downloaded today as not trustworthy.

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