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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Lynley
    Lynley Posts: 1 Newbie

    e.g. you will be disconnected in 14 secs, when connecting from an ipad or iphone to a desktop computer. As soon as you leave the window and look at another app you get the disconnection threat

  • tP_69
    tP_69 Posts: 1

    I have submitted a request for a reset, as I keep getting the session time out error... how do I know that the PDF request has been received, and when will this be reset?

  • bmitchell8716
    bmitchell8716 Posts: 1 Newbie

    They request that i reset my account, but my user id is so old that the form will not accept it because the id is too short.

    MINDS Posts: 1

    ever used any commercial license, just for personal use for less than 1 hour twice a month, both installation confirmed: Free license (non-commercial use only).

    But starting on 22 March 2021 seemed to have given this error. When I used it last I had no issues with connection problems.

    All of my laptops have FREE installed but when 1 was installed for some reason, maybe inadvertently, my main laptop now says "Activated license" but does not say FREE so I re-installed the latest (same) version, to no avail, and in less than 45 seconds, closed the connection every time. When I tried to connect, always received the following message:

    Unable to connect.

    Connection blocked after timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license.

    Connections to this partner will be blocked until xx:xx.

    I have family that relies on my assistance. Elderly between 75-88 years young. PLEASE HELP!!! TeamViewer will not allow me to upload jpeg's showing error messages and license status for some reason.

  • Sethg103
    Sethg103 Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I forgot to include my mobile TeamViewer ID in my reset-management request. is there any way I can redo the form without waiting on the original to be finished? I need both my mobile and my desktop included on there. Also how long does the request usually take to get the account unflagged?

  • Sethg103
    Sethg103 Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I remember the nightmare I had getting this fixed a year ago. I got emails that this thread was active again and it gave me PTSD. I remoted in to my computer from my phone earlier because I was in the other room and low and behold the dreaded commerical detected message is back.

  • Slorrin
    Slorrin Posts: 1 Newbie

    I don't understand. I did not use teamviewer commercially. I am not getting any messages about "commercial use". It just keeps timing out. If I reset my IDs, will i have to log out and log back in on the remote computer? Since I do not have physical access to that computer and won't for at least a few months, does that mean I woudl lose access?

    This seems like an inadequate solution to me.

  • hgtt
    hgtt Posts: 0 Newbie

    I download/sign/uploaded the reset form this morning, until now still has timeout error. Wondering anyone has successful story these few days?

  • Sam01
    Sam01 Posts: 0 Newbie

    Dear Sirs

    I'd like to claim that my TeamViewer account is suspected as Commercial, however I'm using it only to access a couple of my own devices and my parents' PCs. I can prove it by providing all the necessary data about each device. Waiting for your comments. Thank You!

  • Solmyr
    Solmyr Posts: 1
    edited April 2021

    I'm so tired of this issue... Installed ** Third Party Product **, works well on all my devices (Windows, Mac, Raspberry, Android). It's missing some features that TeamViewer has, but it's not critical.

    The critical is that you instantly losing the ability to connect to your devices because some sort of 'smart' algorithm decides that you're using the software in a commercial way.

    Seems it's time to say goodbye.

  • 12_Dns
    12_Dns Posts: 7 ✭✭

    I received a reset letter. Commercial use does not show, but session time is limited to 1 minute.

  • 12_Dns
    12_Dns Posts: 7 ✭✭
    edited March 2021

    I received a reset letter. Commercial use does not show, but session time is limited to 1 minute.😪 Time is limited by your free license.

  • sven_kabitzki
    sven_kabitzki Posts: 0 Newbie


    recently my teamviewer disconnects after about 2 minutes.

    When i try to reconnect i got the message (translated german)

    "Connection is locked after timpout.

    your license restricts the maximum session time to a partner and immediate reconnects will be blocked.

    please try again later or upgrade you license

    please try again XX:XX "

    So, i am using teamviewer to handle a small club member management pc, standing in the corner without any further periphery attached.

    I used the free license around 10 years now and i think it is not against the TOS of free license.

    So, what could be the problem and how may i fix this?

    any suggestions appreaciated.

    kind regards


  • Kayter
    Kayter Posts: 1

    I do not have a license, but I use your program to connect from the street or work to my PC, I believe that I use it for commercial activities. But it throws me out of my PC in a minute and writes within 10 minutes that the time has expired and the timer says wait a minute. Can I remove this restriction? Or why does the program think that I'm not using it for myself?

  • Badyardk
    Badyardk Posts: 1 Newbie

    I use this to basically access two different computers from home. It is personal use. Today, It started timing out after 5 minutes of use. What is the solution for this?

  • ChocolateBiller
    ChocolateBiller Posts: 0 Newbie

    For anyone still experiencing issues, the best thing to do is submit a reset form. The link at the beginning of the page will ask for you to complete a form and then save it in pdf format. Make sure to include your teamviewer ID. Your ID can be found when you open the program.

  • Same issue here.

  • SolarisReborn
    SolarisReborn Posts: 0 Newbie

    Today seems to be the day of false commercial branding.

    Sadly I can no longer use this program, but have NEVER attempted to use it commercially...

  • Hello, sorry but i get the next message

    a vostra sessione teameViuwer e scaduta e verrà chiusa

    in italian. meaning i can not connect any more my computer. I get connect my computer from me only for check mail but now is not working any more. is possible to do find a solution for this error? is only working the session for 1 minute . Thank you

    alessandro comune

  • Groovy
    Groovy Posts: 1 Newbie

    So im using team viewer to remote in my pcs so i dont have to buy monitors but i have 4 pcs on it but i cant go on them because it tells me that i need to upgrade my plan to business but i aint no business and i sure aint going to pay 60$ a month

    so i was wondering how i could fix it and let me use my stuff

    MRVERN Posts: 1 Newbie

    your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked.

    Please try later or upgrade your license. I use the free version for personal for about 10 of my close friends.

  • it is being used for personal use. it says that it is used for commercial purposes. please solve it.

  • u324jsd
    u324jsd Posts: 0 Newbie

    Well. Tried to change my DNS and Teamviewer still kicks me out.

    Is this going to be fixed or am I going to have to look for another solution as right now, I cannot use the product.

  • francg
    francg Posts: 0 Newbie

    Add me to the list. Just started happening in the past few days.

  • Grandvell
    Grandvell Posts: 1 Newbie

    This computer times out after 1 to 2 minutes after any connection is started. How can i get it reset?

  • bhorton22
    bhorton22 Posts: 0 Newbie

    Teamviewer has started logging me out after 1-2 min. I use the free version. Does anyone know why?

  • bhorton22
    bhorton22 Posts: 0 Newbie

    Teamviewer has started logging me out after 1-2 min. I use the free version.

    Anyone know why this happening>