Strange licensing issue on one machine

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We have a four channel corporate license, with mobile support - everything works as it should. However, on one machine in particular, when anyone signs in, instead of saying 'Corporate' for the license type, it says 'Paid License', and we can't connect to mobile devices. I know it's the machine, because when the same accounts sign into any other machines, they say 'Corporate'.

We've uninstalled and reinstalled TV15, manually deleting all traces of TV from the registry inbetween, but this doesn't help.

This has happened once before with another machine - I had to reimage it, then it worked (IIRC).

Does anyone have any suggestions?



  • Justin
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    Hello @JonRose,

    Seems like an odd issue.

    Would you please submit a ticket, so our support team can look into that?

    In order to clarify your concern as soon as possible, I would ask you to provide your ticket with the data from our SupportCollector. Brief information for you, what this is and how to use it:

    Windows and macOS:

    Please download and run our SupportCollector application from the following link:

    The application will generate a .zip file with diagnostic information.

    On Windows systems, after the application has ended, a file with the name "TV_SC_ [your ID]" is created in the download folder.

    You can find out how to create a ticket here:

    However, you can also go directly to the page without detours:

    I hope I could help you with this.



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  • JonRose
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    Great - thanks Justin. I've already raised a ticket - I'll run the Support Collector tool and see if I can upload the results to the ticket.