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Harassment "Your partner uses a newer version of TeamViewer"

I was angry customer. Please end the harassment "Your partner uses a newer version of TeamViewer. Would you like to update TeamViewer now it etablish and connection". Is it really wrong that you are not able to make a program that will at least partially compatible between versions. We can work with customers who have legally purchased and other versions do not currently have any interest in the update.

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  • Agreed. I just had a customer who'd just downloaded Teamviewer 12. I am on ver. 11.

    I got a dialog telling me the other end was using a newer version, and would I like to upgrade. If I say no, I do not want to upgrade, it just gets into an endless loop and I cannot connect to the user.

    If I say yes, it tells me I'll have to re-purchase Teamviewer.

    Rock <-> hard place!

    Are they telling me I have to pay again to keep using TeamViewer? **bleep**?

  • Thanks for replying, Jonathan.

    I have settled on a solution. I will provide my customers with a link to version 11 and ignore the annoying advertisements that pop up. Problem solved for now.


  • Tracy
    Tracy Posts: 1

    Can you not just get them to end the service for TV12 and then rerun your TV11 link?

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