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What IP address is visible on the end computer?


I want to connect to the computer of my friend (in different country) and use it to connect to one website. This website detects IP address, location of the computer which the connection comes from.

Does the site detects IP address of the my computer or the computer of my friend? Does somehow TeamViewer sends true data when connected?

In other words - if I am in the USA and I connect to the computer in France which connect to the French website, does this website get information about connection being from USA or France when TeamViewer is being used?


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  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    If you are remoting into another PC via TeamViewer. A web browser would think you are sitting at the remote computer and thus it would get the IP info of the remote machine, not the one you are sitting at.

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    Bart Lanzillotti
  • Ben2
    Ben2 Posts: 1
    I'm connected to my computer in the USA from Brazil using TeamViewer 11, and when I try to search for "Dell Workstations" the results clearly indicate Google used my location in Brazil. Very frustrating since the main reason I'm using TeamViewer is to access sites as if I were at home in the USA.

    Clearly TeamViewer is passing along my location in Brazil somehow.

    I regret not setting up a VPN, I had no idea TeamViewer would pass along my location.

    I don't have any geeky friends to help in the USA side... So is it possible to configure a VPN remotely via TeamViewer?