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allowing remote control where is the pw ?

I want to get a support 

if I open teamviewer 13 beta , in Allow  Remote Control I get an ID but there is no password 

how can I get the password ?



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  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,209 Community Manager

    Hi @erickb

    It looks like your randon password is disabled.

    You can enable the random password for spontaneous access in the TeamViewer options --> Security --> Password strength --> choose at least Secure (6 characters) 


    Otherwise you can connect via the personal password, which has been set for your device.

    All the best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • erickb
    erickb Posts: 13

    screenshot 2017-11-09 à 13.05.43.pngscreenshot 2017-11-09 à 13.06.01.png

  • erickb
    erickb Posts: 13

    my screen is not at all the same than yours , I cannot choose a random password, there is already a password *****   but no idea what it is

    i'd like to remove that hidden password and get a random password each time


  • erickb
    erickb Posts: 13

    now it works :smileyhappy:

    many thanks !

  • I CANT EVEN OPEN THE OPTIONS PAGE WHEN I TRY I GET "the options dialog is protected with a password. Please enter the password to access the options dialog." but i dont know the password bc its not shown on my screen. ive tried my personal logon password for teamveiwer but that doesnt work either.

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