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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • JimmyM
    JimmyM Posts: 4

    ugh. Total **bleep**. So I'll have to bring my perosnal laptop when I travel.

  • Hey guys, i only use my Teamviewer in private enviroment and after Update to V13, i get a message, that my TV license has expired.

    i only use it sometimes and mostly from my iphone to control my PC.

    please inform me how to activate it again for private use.

    Thank you!

  • Greetings,

    I use TeamViewer on work laptop to manage my home devices, not work related activities.
    About a month ago got a popup message saying that commercial usage has been detected. 
    Guessing it's doing an IP lookup.
    Then license got downgraded to trial and now it expired...

    Any way you guys can revert that?

  • Bragon
    Bragon Posts: 3


    I use your program only for private help for friends. I 'm not a professionnal, but I connect my self from workplace also.

    Your program detect a professionnal area and ask a licence I don't need (private use only).

    What can I do to remediate at this problem (connection for 5 miunutes only when I'm connected from the professionnal area).


    kind regards



  • I would also like to know if this is still considered private use. I also use TeamViewer quite often from my workplace PC to either connect to my PC at home or to PCs of relatives. Since I am doing this for my own private purposes I would consider this to be fair use of the free license even though I am accessing these private devices from within the company network. Or will I have to find an alternative to TV?

  • Bread
    Bread Posts: 1

    so i manged to join some sort of beta, and now my trail license expired.
    i use teamviewer personally. and cant change it. i even submitted a Form (ticket ID: 3787626)
    and i have not gotten an answer back. in quite a while so im wondering what i can do.

  • drewj
    drewj Posts: 1

    Is there a document explaining the limitations of the Free License?

    How soon does the 3 hour limit reset? (


  • bump.

  • Almost the same problem. Previously used V12 and tested V13. Now assigned to Business Premium but still have "Trial expired" notify and non-working software.

    The special congrats to regional phone support which IVR does not work yet.

  • I've been using this for years and only recently starting to have this "commercial use suspected" error, and I see many others are posting about the same issue here.

    I noticed that people reply to those threads, telling users to "submit a ticket".  lol?  The website won't accept tickets from free users.  Ok so now what?  I'm just out of luck then?  

  • Firstly its allready a few years i use Teamviewer and have great apreciation for the program

    i use t for a lot of things but lately it started to falsely accuse me of commercial use and limit me in the use of it.

    if Teamviewer feels they need to falsely acuse me thats their idea and if that makes them happy so be it , but you cannot acuse people of things without any form of decent support cuz you are not a paying customer,  they have in no way contacted me and tried to figger out how i use it,  so they have no idea and thus falsely acuse people of stuff they cant prove ..

    if they do not want people to use their **bleep** for free , then dont offer it for free ,

    else if you do suspect people to use it commercially., contact those people and TALK to them beofre you acuse em of something they did not do !!!!



  • Jochem
    Jochem Posts: 2

    Can anybody help please?

    What should I do?

  • Jackinabox
    Jackinabox Posts: 41 Staff member 🤠

    Hi there zcypher,

    Thanks for posting!

    In regards to your post, please refer to this article below.

    I hope this can help you in resolving your situation.

    Thanks again,


  • Dear support teamviewer,

    i use teamview do support my friend, i have mistake setup Teamviewer version 13 Company on my laptop win 10. And now this version has expried.
    Please guide me change to version personal. I want use version free.
  • @kiliasovI have used the "suspected commercial use" contact form and unfortunately I have received bad news:

    "This means, if you use it at work or support customers and colleagues, it will be commercial usage. Therefore, you are not allowed to use the free version of TeamViewer in any office environments. As soon as one of the PCs participating in a session is connected to a commercial network (office/school/etc.) it is considered commercial use."

    It's nice to have a clear answer/definition now but that means I have to find an alternative to Teamviewer as - even though I use TV for private sessions to my own PC at home or the PCs of my parents - the fact that I am using the PC at my company's office disqualifies the free usage of the tool :(

    Buying a commercial license for 500€ to help my parents is obviously not a valid alternative. Guess I'll have to install **Third Party Product** and set up port forwarding through NAT :/

  • Hello,

    Then, look at **Third Party Product**. It can be usefull for you as a replacement for Teamviewer, and is more friendly than **Third Party Product**.

  • Does this mean that if my son uses Team Viewer on his laptop at school, to access a file he has left at home on his home computer (eg file transfer of his homework) that I need to purchase a commercial licence (his computers are on my account as I look after them and my wife's). I though "educational" was included along with "charity"?

    At School he is connected to the school network - or perhaps if he fired up his own personal hotspot with his phone that would still be personal use?

  • Hi

    I have used Teamviewer for about 6 years. When trying to connect the program says that the license period has expired?

    I have upgrade into 13 and I am not sure if I choosen "private/non-cemercial" when I  updated it or not. I have reinstalled it and chosen "private/non-cemercial" this time and it show your test period is over every time now?

    What to do?

    Best Fredrik

  • Morning

    during the installation, I select for commercial use, but I don't use TV for commercial use. I try to uninstall and reinstall it on the machine but it's always showing me that the trial period is expired. I delete everything, even in %appdata%. 

    Many thanks

  • I've used TeamViewer for personal purposes, but for some reason it detected it as commercial usage and now I cannot use it anymore. What should I do?

  • I submitted a ticket as well and have not heard back from anyone.  From looking at the tickets they seem to only care about the paid versions and don't answer people that have the free versions.

  • How did you fix this?

  • wrong add. please delete it

  • How did you fix this?
  • Jomel
    Jomel Posts: 2
    Email to teamviewer & ask for reset to private use.
  • Thank you both!!
  • Note that I used this form and while TV unblocked my ID for private use they gave me a clear answer that as soon as my PC at work is involved it constitues commercial use, apparently independent on wether the *purpose* is personal use. So if you're using this from your workplace to do some private things at home or help your family and friends, you're not allowed to do that on the free license, you need to purchase a commercial license.

  • That's a bit absurd. If it's for your personal use what does it matter where you are when you use it. Anyway I don't work in an office and only used TV to help friends and family. Don't really know what triggered this.
  • I don't know why, but here's the exact response I received from Teamviewer, taken verbatim from the email.

    "This means, if you use it at work or support customers and colleagues, it will be commercial usage. Therefore, you are not allowed to use the free version of TeamViewer in any office environments. As soon as one of the PCs participating in a session is connected to a commercial network (office/school/etc.) it is considered commercial use."

    Emphasis added by me. Yes, it sounds absurd to me as well but it's their tool and their rules. Obviously purchasing a commercial license for personal use is out of the question so I will have to stop using it and uninstall it from the PCs from friends and families.