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Commercial use - Connection time out



    JSSSX Posts: 4

    Same here, home use with several computer all over the floors.

    Its personal use but I've got the commercial use suspicion.

    Guys, please fix !

  • Langholm
    Langholm Posts: 1
    Ständig bekomme ich die Meldung „Verdacht auf kommerzielle Nutzung“ aber ich setze das Programm ausschließlich privat ein. Wen ich eine Runde von Updates in meinem Haus gemacht habe kommt gleich die Meldung. Da sind die Rechner der Freunde noch nicht dabei. Wie kann ich dem Vorbeugen?
  • daenam
    daenam Posts: 1

    I can not use Team Viewer with the attached message.

    This problem occurred in Team Viewer 13.
    I have reinstalled V13 and downgraded to V12, but I still have the same problem.
    I do not use the team viewer commercially.

    massage 01.jpgmassage 02.jpg

  • dean50
    dean50 Posts: 2

    Hello, Teamviewer team.

    My name is Dean.

    From today, like 2 hrs ago, I'm keep getting warning about comercial something something.

    I wonder the reason why my account is suspicious.

    I only use Teamviewer when I access to the online game "Maplestory" at the outside of my house.

    Sometimes I access to my pc at the PC cafe in Korea but there is no any comercial work when I use my Teamviewer account.

    To be honest, my PC doesn't even have Microsoft Office lol.

    I use my PC for game only. I use my macbook for my work tho.

    Please look over my account and resolve this unfortunate situation.



    JSSSX Posts: 4

    Their commercial use flagging has gone crazy recently, can't even use it for 1 minute now, even if my linked computers where only home computers..

    I do highly recommend you to use [moderator removed - this is a TeamViewer Forum]

    Hope teamviewer will do somehing and fix their sudden crazy bans

  • eyup
    eyup Posts: 1
    I am an individual user I am making connections from my phone to my computer sometimes I am helping my friends I do not make money from this How can I resolve this error
  • kishan6839
    kishan6839 Posts: 1



    As described in below, my ID [email removed by moderator]  has been blocked although I am using TeamViewer for personal purpose

    I usually connect my laptop remotely when I working at office little frequently.

    Anyhow, I am not person using TeamViewer for commercial purpose so, hopefully unlock my ID as soon as possible.


    Kishan Kumar

    [email removed by moderator]



  • Ben_gb
    Ben_gb Posts: 1

    Like many other people, I also started to receive the "Commercial Use Suspected", even though I've used Teamviewer for a long time purely for personal use.

    I filled in the questionnaire about my personal use, and added the logfile on this Teamviewer webpage:

    However, when I click on Submit, the following error message is displayed, so it's not possible to send the request. Please can you fix it:

    500 Internal Server Error

  • Nostromo
    Nostromo Posts: 1
    Same here, just got flagged on a home network I've been running TV on for years (1 laptop, 2 PCs). And the online help form (Hah!) says "it could take up to 30 days to respond blah blah.
    FIX THIS obviously intentional ploy for revenue raising Teamviewer ASAP, or you will lose customers, not gain them. I won't be recommending you across all my professional IT dealings if this persists. Really, really poor tactics, Fire someone who decided this was a good idea. Pfft!
  • dcperio
    dcperio Posts: 1

    Just got the same message.....tried asking for help, but they did not offer any.   What to do?

    Anyone know of another program that I can use?


  • yinmos
    yinmos Posts: 1

    I am having the same problem.. Is there a new limitation to the free license?

  • Bret
    Bret Posts: 1

    same ,  i use team viewer to connect to my mums PC and to my uncles and i have 4 hobby mining pcs at home and ive hit the commercial limit,   I wonder if the mining on such a small scale would be considered commercial.  i dont have a business it doesnt make a lot of money just for fun $40 a month subscription would be unsustainable for me to pay.  i will need another option i think.

  • yama
    yama Posts: 2
    my teamviewer showed me the same post too others..." connection blocked after timeout..Your liicense limits the maximum session..please help us soon us posible..i used this teamviewer for almost 10 years more..why now im block?? help this problem.....
  • yama
    yama Posts: 2

    TeamViewer showed me a message "Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session

  • JamesTeng
    JamesTeng Posts: 2

    My one same since today, I have used teamviewer for long time to connect to my home computer from company site without any commerical things, but I got the error says this. Is this new license limited.


    Hope teamviewer support staff give us the explaination, if no free then please tell , we can use other option, thanks, also thanks teamviewer as a good tool

  • Same here. The issue seems to start from today. It's working fine yesterday.

  • JamesTeng
    JamesTeng Posts: 2

    Yes, same with me ,can teamviewer staff tell us the truth, thanks, if not allow to use as free anymore, please tell. thanks.

    JSSSX Posts: 4

    [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]

  • kha
    kha Posts: 1

    Same here...I am going to RDP at least unlimited hours.

  • DanielMa
    DanielMa Posts: 3

    Hi, Guys

    [Comptetitor Advertisement removed by moderator] It not as good as Teamviewer, but it does the job.

  • rakibim007
    rakibim007 Posts: 1

    Same thing here! Please help us..

  • radio876
    radio876 Posts: 1
    Another one here!!!
  • 정승환
    정승환 Posts: 1

    Not commercially available

    Connect your personal computer

  • Although i have personal use of Team Viewer, it says me " Commercial Use Detected" and blocks me after 5 minutes.  I am student&research assistant and i need to use the computer on my university for my personal work&research. I have used Team Viewer account for 6 months on the same computers and networks(one of them is University). 

    For 4 days, i have faced this problem. 

    What is changed ?  Anyone has this problem ?

    Need help! 


    [personal information removed by moderator]

  • catslop
    catslop Posts: 0
    edited March 2021

    as many peple suffered now,, my personal using also has blocked under commercial use detectd. I'm using app between home - office desktop to checking my work desktop status.pls unlock ID **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**(HOME) - **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**(office)