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Shift and Control Keys Do Not Work when Sharing A Session

When I establish a remote sharing session (meeting) on my Mac and "grant control" to meeting guests they can use the mouse and keyboard to control my shared screen - BUT when they try to use SHIFT and/or CTRL those keys do not work.  Thus they cannot type in " or : or ctrl-c/v.


  • TV-Rene
    TV-Rene Posts: 30


    We have been unable to reproduce the issue with " or :

    However, please keep in mind that the controlling side has to use the shortcuts from the remote side, meaning that the controlling side (windows) has to use windows + c as well as windows + v as the shortcut for copy and paste on mac is CMD + C / CMD + V

    Please let me know if it still does not work.

    Best regards,


    Rene - 2nd Level Support
  • dlcplus
    dlcplus Posts: 3
    So you're saying when I'm on a Mac and sharing a Windows RDP session the guest I grant control to needs to use Windows+C/V - Weird, but I'll try that.

    As to : and " - again, it is because the SHIFT key does not work - no shifted keys work. Basically none of the "special" keys are being passed (control, command, shift, windows, alt) - thus none of those functions work.

    This IS repeatable!
  • TV-Rene
    TV-Rene Posts: 30


    not quite, what I am saying is that if you're the host (Mac) connection to a client (Windows) and then turn the connection around - thus the Windows user controlling the Mac - the other side needs to adjust to the shortcuts of the Mac and as such use windows + c / windows + v to copy / paste.

    In relation to the shift key - is that in relation to the Mac controlling the Windows PC or the other way around? I have tested both ways with TeamViewer v13 (13.1.3629) and have not had any issues.

    Best regards,

    Rene - 2nd Level Support
  • dlcplus
    dlcplus Posts: 3
    Ok, my laptop is MacBook Pro. I open TV from macOS and then share out my Windows RDP session (using RoyalTSX client) - and only share that window. My guests are able to control (mouse/keyboard) but none of the "special" keys work (shift, caps, control, windows/command, alt).
  • I have this same problem.  Especially when trying to control a remote session through a teamviewer session.  Modifier keys are not passed through. so I cannot enter an email address, or anything that requires a shift to capital letters.

  • TV-Rene
    TV-Rene Posts: 30

    Hello everyone,

    apologies for the delay, but I have tested some configurations in order to try to reproduce the same.

    So far I have tried:

    * Windows 10 to Windows 2012 R2 via TeamViewer (13.2), then RDP to another Windows 2012 R2 Server

    * Windows 10 to Windows 2012 R2 via TeamViewer (13.2), then RDP to another Windows 2012 R2 Server and then connect to a MacBook via Teamviewer again

    * Went from a Windows 10 to Windows 2012 R2 - then swapped sides and opened a RDP session on the Windows 10 to a different Windows Server

    None of those attempts show any issues in relation to typing / symbols / capitalization of letters, etc.

    At this point everything points towards 3rd party RDP software not parsing  / passing on the keystrokes.

    If you can give me specific examples with programs, versions, etc. I can attempt to reproduce and then, if the issue is with us, move it on to the devs to have a look at the same.

    Best regards,

    Rene - 2nd Level Support
  • my configurations have been:
    MacOS <teamviewer> MacOS <Microsoft RDP 10> Windows Server 2012R2

  • My chain has been Windows-10 Teamviewer->MacBook Air running RDP->Windows Server 2012, and indeed no modifier keys get through. No CTRL, no SHIFT, and neither CTRL-C for copy on the initial Windows-10 machine nor Windows-C seem to effect a COPY operation on the ultimate target, the Windows Server 2012 instance at the end of the chain.

    Oh and right-click doesn't work either.

    Note that on the intermediate machine (MacBook Air) everything does seem to work - from Windows-10 to the Mac. And physically at the Mac using RDP everything also works. It's only the 3-machine chain where modifier keys and right-click fail.

  • bhull
    bhull Posts: 1
    Nowhere do you mention Mac
  • @bhull wrote:
    Nowhere do you mention Mac

    Oh but I do - twice. A MacBook Air is a Mac. And the modifier keys get lost somewhere along the chain of Teamviewer to Microsoft RDP. In isoloation both work fine, but strung together and the problem appears.

  • Dhill
    Dhill Posts: 1

    You missed the Mac part. I have the same issue. iOS (iPhone, latest OS and several prior versions) to Mac desktop(latest MacOS and several prior versions) this step is where Command/Control/Shift key no longer do what they are supposed to. Both from the internal keyboard or inside the TeamViewer App modifier keys at the top of the window. Cannot use special characters

    Using Microsoft Remote Desktop app on the Mac for an RDP session. Several different Windows OS’s of desktop and server varieties. Modifier keys no longer work.
  • I'm STILL having the same problem over a YEAR later.  Its an issue using RDP over TeamViewer from Mac to Mac.  It works fine using **Third Party Product** Rescue so obviously it CAN be fixed!!!


  • CR15P0
    CR15P0 Posts: 1

    Just thought I'd confirm the same issue. I'm on Mac connecting to either another Mac or a Windows box that is then RDP'd to a Windows Server. Mac to Mac/Win is okay. Mac/Win to Win Server is okay. just Mac to Win Server (with Mac/Win as intermediery) is an issue.

  • Crip
    Crip Posts: 1 Newbie

    I can also confirm I am having the same issue. I am remoting into a Mac from a Windows 10 Host and cannot use copy past and the shift key does not work. The Mac is then RDP'ing into a Win10 machine. But even when connecting to the Mac in the first instance the shift key does not work.

  • CDenby
    CDenby Posts: 0

    I believe my issue is exactly the same as Crip above...

    I'm using TV on Windows 10 to remote control a Mac OS10.14.6

    The Mac is using a VPN connection to remote control a windows server through RDP.


    Shift keys for caps, and shift-arrow selections work on the Mac OS, but I have to use windows/c and windows/v to perform copy/paste. I can live with that.

    But when I navigate to the RDP session on the Mac, and try to remote from the Win10, shift doesn't work at all. windows/c, windows/v comes across as a plain "c" and "v".

    If I put my hands on the Mac to try the same thing on the remote Win2012 server, the shift-arrow keys work and the mac's ctrl/c ctrl/v work on the windows 2012 server.

    I'm wondering if this would improve if I routed through a windows machine instead of the Mac.