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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Hiermit stelle ich meine Aussage in Deutsch und werde diese nicht ins englische übersetzen lassen, da der Entwickler der Software DEUTSCH ist.

    Hiermit stelle ich die Aussage:

    TeamViewer unterstellt mir und auch anderen Nutzern eine kommerzielle Nutzung der Software!

    Warum? - Man weiß es nicht. Da die Artikel alle auf englisch sind, kann einem das NICHT helfen!

    Gemäß einem Artikel von wird einem erklärt was zu tun ist:

    [link removed by moderator per Community Guidelines]

    Anrufen bringt bei denen NULL, da nur Nutzern geholfen wird, die BEZAHLEN!!

    Auch Support kann man in die Tonne treten, da nur Nutzern geholfen wird, die BEZAHLEN!!

    Somit ist man als Nutzer der freien Version komplett aufgeschmissen und man wird dazu GEDRÄNGT / GEZWUNGEN die Software zu einem völlig überteuerten Preis zu abonieren!!

    Ich erwünsche mir das der Softwarehersteller diese Unterstellung der kommerziellen Nutzung unterbindet und die Verbindungen nicht mehr nach 30 Sekunden kappt!!!

    SO sehe ich keine Zukunft mehr für das Unternehmen Nutzer zu finden, die diesen Service gerne nutzen!


    Wenn sich jemand mir anschließen möchte: Nur zu, schreibt dazu in Deutsch, damit auch andere Nutzer aus Deutschland es lesen können.

  • Hier eine Lösung die vielleicht helfen könnte.

    Da diese Seite nur schwierig zu finden ist, Google sei Dank, stelle ich hier einen Link rein, der vielleicht hilfreich erscheint:

    Ob einem darüber geholfen wird, wird sich zeigen.

    Wenn jemanden darüber schon geholfen worden ist, lasst es uns wissen!

  • Ich habe um Hilfe gebeten. Ich habe die Deklaration der nicht-kommerziellen Verwendung zweimal gesendet. Das ist alles, was man tun kann. Nun, außer zu einem anderen Anbieter gehen.

    Die Annahme dieses Forums scheint zu sein, dass TV keine freien Nutzer will. Sie können zu Ihrer eigenen Schlussfolgerung kommen.

  • Andre75
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    Hi JohnMcC,

    You asked exactly the right questions !... Congratulations !
    But, as usually, it seems 'Esther' is in mute mode ! (hope nothing's wrong about her health :catsad: ).

    Neither 'Esther' (* a kind of ghost without any power or competence in this field and matter), nor anyone on these forums is able to answer the questions asked there !
    Here, 'moderators'  have only the right, the competence and the "power" to censor and say rhetorical banalities that are of no use. No one can help us, no one has only the will to do it !
    No one can answer the questions that are posted here, not even the most relevant ones, such as yours dear JohnMcC. (Really congratulations for those !)

    I had the same problem as everyone here. I submitted my reset request via the 'official' form....
    After 1 month, having had no answer, I completely uninstalled the program, including the residual folders and files, as well as all its registry entries...
    Then I re-installed the program... and it worked again without causing any problems... But for how long ?
    It looks like a joke that can happen again at any time !
    I have to live in perpetual fear !  :catfrustrated: :catsad:

    It seems we have to face not very well eductaded, even impolite persons, as I don't know if my request has been read and considered, or if my program is running again without interruption, just because I uninstalled it completely and then re-installed it... ???

    The editor of the program never expresses himself, never answers!.....
    We wonder what game he's playing (anyway, it must be a lot of fun for him.... Maybe he could share it with us!).

    However, I have downloaded a free alternative competitor program... It is my "spare wheel" in case the one who causes us problems becomes suddenly delusional again.
    This alternative can be used as a portable program.
    It works very well, but is not as convenient as TeamViewer, especially for file sharing.
    It also has the problem of having it installed on the computers of the people you want to help (if they need help, it means that they don't have the necessary skills to download a program, to install it if required, or configure it).

    I wish good luck to all those who fall into this trap !..... But they should have no illusions, it's not on these forums that they'll find help...
    Sorry for them but, 'Esther' (the ghost) can't help them... ghosts have no use on these forums !


  • Andre75
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    @Closed account

    Hi mmicrosysm,
    It seems you've just found out 'the  Point' !
    How lucky you are !... 25% discount !
    Hope you will not miss this chance !

    Seriously speaking, if that's the TV editor target, why doesn't he say it frankly and straight on, instead of leaving us in search non stop... and so much perplexed ???

  • Good Morning!

    I've always used the teamviewer to access my computer through my smartphone and my college and intership computers, just to do academic work and studies. I do not use the teamviewer for others purposes (like business). But from a few days ago I'm having problems with "commercial license".
    I am trying to access my computer, but a message appears judging that I am using the program for commercial purposes and then it prevents me from keep a connection.
    It's an embarrassing situation, considering that i've always used it to do the same things.

    Is there a way to "prove" that i'm using the teamviewer to do academic things? Please, let me keep doing my studies. I really need to connect to my PC.

  • Hello all,

    I hope someone will be able to help me with my current issue. When install the latest version of TeamViewer onto my desktop I get 'Your trial period has expired' and I selected the 'Non commercial use' and 'basic install' uppon installing the application.

    I am usually able to start meetings and share my screen with friends for free, but I'm unable to do this.

    Can someone help?



  • Hi!

    The use of TeamViewer with family and friends without any financial compensation is considered private use. In cases where it says 'Your trial has expired', you might have classified your use as  'Commercial use' during the installation process. This would have started a trial, which expires after about 2 weeks. 

    If you are using it for personal use, from a private home to another home, please fill out this form, and our support team can revert your device back to private. 

  • Welche Alternativen kennst Du denn?

    Ich kenne bis jetzt nur **Third Party Product**. Nur da muss man in den Routern einiges einstellen.


    Folgende Werbung ist nun zu sehen:


  • There is a new kid on the block **Third Party Product**, definitely not as good as team viewer but it looks like Teamviewer is going to start locking the free option down to something that isn't usable.

  • Andre75
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    Ave Caesar (morituri te salutant !)

    Tu sembles un peu "bisounours" !... You seem to be a bit innocent !

    La soi-disant "règle" serait que : (the so-called rule would be that : )

    Un terminal informatique utilisant TeamViewer, ET UN SEUL, doit être connecté au réseau local.... Si plus d'un ordinateur (ou tablette, ou smartphone en WiFi) sont connectés sur le même réseau local, il sera détecté comme "réseau d'entreprise", et jugé "utilisation commerciale" !... Et ce, aussi bien pour le poste hôte, que pour le poste client.

    ONLY ONE computer using TeamViewer must be connected on the local network.... If more than one computer (or tablet, or smartphone on WiFi) are connected on the same local network, they will be detected as a professional network, and judged as "commercial use" !... That is for the host device as same as the client device.

    Bien sûr, c'est complètement c... !...  mais c'est comme ça ! (of course it's total c... (censored in French), but it is  !)

    Il n'y a aucune règle pour "prouver" que tu utilises TeamViewer pour "academic things" !..  Pas plus que l'éditeur n'en a pour "prouver" que tu utilises son programme pour un usage soi-disant "commercial"... Comme on dit en français, "C'est le fait du Prince" !... et "le Prince" ce n'est pas toi ! (ni moi hélas).

    There is no rule to prove that you are using TeamViewer for only "academic things" !... As well as the editor has any mean to prove that you are a so-called "commercial user"... As we say in French, "It's the will of the Prince" !... and you are not the Prince (unfortunately, nor me !)

    Tu sembles penser qu'en postant sur ces forums, tu t'adresses à l'éditeur de TeamViewer... grave erreur !... Il s'en balance complètement et n'a aucun regard sur ces forums... Ces forums sont une diversion (comme ceux qui "pretend" se rapporter à la plupart des éditeurs, opérateurs... etc.). Ce type de "Community" est "affretée" auprès de Stés qui n'ont rien à avoir avec les éditeurs/opérateurs... etc. Ces entreprise font leur business de leur côté (diversion), l'éditeur fait son business du sien !

    It seems that you think to talk to the editor of TeamViewer software... you're total wrong !... The editor doesn't care these forums and this "community", he has no view on it !... These kinds of "communities" are only a diversion (like all those which let's think to be in relation with editors or operators...etc. But only pretending !). These kinds of communities belong to companies which don't have anything to do with the editor.

    Even their "moderators" can't help, as they are unkwnown of the editor, and they don't have any mean to help... If the editor look down on its users (like it happens in our case), the managers of this community can't do anything !

    Dans mon dernier post (réponse @JohnMcC ), j'apporte ma solution (mais ce n'est que la mienne), pour retrouver un usage normal de TeamViewer... ainsi qu'une alternative à TeamViewer (que j'utilise parallèlement) mais que je ne nomme pas complètement pour ne pas être censuré par la "modération" (que je présume robotisée celle-ci).

    In my last post, I provide my solution (but it's only mine) to find again a normal use of TeamViewer... As same as an alternative to TeamViewer, but I dont say its full name for not to be censored by "the moderation" (that's a robot I presume which changes any TV competitor in **Third party**).

    Bon courage !



  • same problem none of my Android devices can be used to acess my desktop PC anymore 

    all have been flagged and I only log into my desktop at smoko break ... 

    meanwhile my desktop PC that connects to lots of other machines is still fine ... 



  • @ToMz997 wrote:

    Hey guys,,, there's a ton of alternative!!! Same problem here and you can use many remote connection software for free !!! Uninstall Team Viewer!!

    Had the same problem that you.. was using team viewer from work to connect to my personal PC to be able to access facebook, answer my SMS from PC and some personal stuff like that...

    I contacted the support to see what are my options to get a paid licence and the only option is 500$ a year!! WHAT A JOKE !! I was willing to pay something like 30-40 $ a year but they don't have any personal licencing options ...

    Sometimes you need a kick in the **bleep** to change your habits... that the time to change TeamVIewer for something else!!! Give a try to **Third Party Product**! I would never recommend TeamVIewer in the future....

    Do you know any alternatives for connecting to Android phones from PC?

  • Glassdub
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    Yeah, tons of semi functional **bleep** & $$$ware.

  • @Glassdub wrote:

    Yeah, tons of semi functional **bleep** & $$$ware.

    I don't know any that works from Windows to Android.

  • This usually pulls up some good results on google, make sure you use quotes. 

    [removed by moderator per community guidelines]

  • Obvious to some, you can spin up a vm and work around it. 

  • I am a new subscriber to Business TeamViewer licence. After logging in for less than 1 minute I get 'timed out' after less than 1 minute. Why?

    Also it would seem that maximum access at any one time is 5 minutes I need at least 30 minutes each session! How can I increase the access time to suit my requirements?

  • il mio teamviewer mi risulta per uso commerciale, quando lo uso a scopo privato?

  • buonasera il mio teamviewer con id **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** risulta per uso commerciale mentre io lo uso da privato per aiutare qualche amico?

  • I had this happen twice now, can't access my home media server from my tablet.  They said they fixed it, it worked for 2 connections over a 3 week period now it's locked again.  Claiming I'm using it for business yet I'm not even out of my home network.  Was going to pitch this to my work but if they can't manage personal accounts there's no way I'm gonna pay to deal with this kind of **bleep** at work.

  • I had to contact teamviwer support a month ago because it thought i was using teamviwer for business. But yet its back yet again?

    I use teamvower for home server and my friends home server and thats it..



  • In August I was accused of commercial use. I've filled out the form and gotten 2 repsonses saying my license was reset to free. It's not. Anyone else having these sort of weird experiences with TeamViewer?

    This is for the iPhone app only. My desktop apps are good.

    BTW, once a year for about 10 days I am a volunteer at a youth camp in a remote area. There's no internet. Everyday I connect back to my home computer through the iPhone version of TeamViewer.


  • I am having the same problem but with my Windows PC. My IOS Device is fine.

    In my case, I connect to my home PC to check on my Plex Server. No commercial use. 

    Can someone from support assist? My email is [email protected] .



  • I completely understand trying to prevent those who use TeamViewer as free for commercial use from doing so. But this is a bit draconian.

    I've received 2 emails saying the ID has been reset. In the email there's no mention of what ID they are talking about?

    There's room for improvement in this system.

  • mRZ
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    TeamViewer tells me that one of the Users uses TeamViewer for commercial use and closes the connection after a few seconds. The problem is non of us are doing this. We both have a free non commercial license.

    What can i do ?

  • Last week I filled-in the form to have my account reset to free. I received an email on Friday to say this had been done. I tried it for the first time today and it still doesn't work. Guess I'll just have to fill the form out again and wait another week and see if it works,

    Really annoying :mansad:

  • Just ran into this issue today. Given TeamViewer's response to this issue (fill out a form and wait a month and hope they help you) and how we can't even mention their competitors without being moderated I think I'll be saying goodbye to TeamViewer.

    I need a reliable service that's not going to blacklist my account out of the blue with no warning due to what appears to be a programming error and then make it very difficult and time-consuming to get my account cleared. I would be willing to potentially pay for a high-quality personal remote desktop service for managing my PCs the same way I pay for a personal privacy VPN, but TeamViewer's prices are completely insane for any sort of personal use.

    From my perspective, the appropriate action for TeamViewer would have been to reverse all the automatic bans as soon as the problem was identified, and let the fixed algorithm reflag any accounts that were actually abusing the free license.

    If this was intentional, then TeamViewer is going after the wrong people. Individuals who might have logged into their work PC using a personal TeamViewer account once or twice to check email are NOT going to upgrade to a paid account They'll stop using TeamViewer entirely and switch to something else. Companies who install TeamViewer on their PCs without a commercial license are who they should be going after.

    Additionally, if TeamViewer really is facing the problem of too many free accounts using up their bandwidth, then maybe they should offer a "personal plus" account that costs maybe $20-$30 per year with some extra features to make it desirable over the free account for power users.

    But for the time being, Goodbye, TeamViewer.

  • Cac
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    Same issue here. Filled out the form. Got clearance. But on the same day got block again... Filled out the form the second time. Haven't heard back yet...
  • You will have to go and request that your ID be removed from this commercial use flag. However it will not work. You will end up waiting a week, then they send you an email saying the issue was fixed, and nothing happens. You will not be able to use teamviewer again regularly until they fix this issue. The only solution is better developers and time. If you find a solution that actually works, please let me know!! Good luck