Connection not established authentication cancelled



  • cfield03
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    I am down also in Salt Lake City, Utah

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  • jolsen
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    Down in Fort Worth, TX

  • Down in Melbourne, Australia

  • Mkolberg
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    Same Problem in Munic (Germany)

  • ToMa13
    ToMa13 Posts: 2
    I am down also in Linz, Austria
  • Yep same australia....cant reach any of our client machines - restarting teamviewer host on client machine makes no difference.

  • Pharmacy777
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    Down In Perth Australia, Support Ticket lodged, However this does not help my 50 odd clients when they need support.

  • BSSS
    BSSS Posts: 1

    I have the same issue, also in Australia!

  • muzzbuzz
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    We're in WA.
  • Same issue Mexicali, Mexico

  • It's the same issue in Korea

  • Teflink
    Teflink Posts: 1
    Same here in Canada!
  • ToMa13
    ToMa13 Posts: 2
    Oh seems WE Experience a World Wide TV Courage!
  • Me too

  • Same here in France

  • YameZz
    YameZz Posts: 2
    Yep - happening on our corporate licence... restarting TV host doesn't work, nor does reinstalling it.
  • I guess - some "redmondster" installed 1809 on the WIN 10 TV server ;-)
  • KKPS
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    Hier geht auch nichts mehr. Hätte heute um 06.00 Uhr dringend Zugriff auf Kunden PCs gebraucht.

  • We are down also in Hungary

  • Down in Denmark as well. It seems like a general problem that support needs to solve.

  • Same... Very critical.

  • Down in the UK as well
  • Same too in Russia Federation

  • Down in Australia too!?! Urgently need a fix as use TV to support my clients and they all waiting!

  • Same here in India as well

  • Same issue Chaykovsky, Russia
  • Same here in East Timor

  • same here - Sri Lanka
    but status say all OK. LOL
  • Sorry - I can't do my job now. I guess I can just go home? (Melb, Australia - from all the posts its competely a WW outage.)