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wifi problem with android app

olira Posts: 1

Hello everyone, I cannot connect with my teamviewer quick support android app using wifi. I works fine though with mobile cell internet. Additionally the quick support of my desktop computer (windows 7) using the same network works fine, so it cannot be a port problem.

Can anyone please help me? I am using a huawei tablet with android 8.0 and quick support version 14.0.33. the latest huawei addon has also been installed.

Thx in advance and greetings from germany.




  • I'm no help here, as I have the same problem, but wanted to add my details.

    Ever since the update to TV 14, the android TV app ONLY works over cellular to establish the outgoing connection to my Win10 desktop (even though everything is on the same home network). I have 2 android phones (old LG and new S9+) and they both exhibit this same problem.

    The error is: A connection could not be established. Please check your connection and try again.

    It's like it's not even trying to open a connection....the error above is immediate as soon as you click Remote Control.

    If you disable wifi and use the cellular connection, the remote connection works fine, then you can reenable wifi and the connection will continue.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled TV from the Play change.

    I have TV on my iPad (wifi only model) and it works just fine.

    Clearly the latest TV update to the android app has a problem.

    Verisons: Android : 14.0.69 CL   Win10: 14.0.13880

    All of this is on the same home network and has been working for years until the last android TV 14 update.

  • I'm no help, as I have the same problem ever since the update to TV 14 (14.0.69 CL). I have 2 android phones and TV doesn't work when wifi is enabled to connect to my desktop that is on the same network (TV 14.0.13880). My iPad (wifi only model), however, works just fine, so this is a new problem with the android TV app, which had been working for years in this environment.

    The error is: A connection could not be established. Please check your connection and try agan.

    The error is immediate...there is no attempt to make the connection.

    If you disable wifi you can make the connection, then you can reenable wifi and it will keep working.

    Is there a better way to let the developers know about this bug?  I'm very skeptical that they ever come here looking for issues to fix, as most of the topics have no responses.

  • Tech will not help.  Not a licensed user.  Guess I will find another company and buy their license. 



  • MaxMJ
    MaxMJ Posts: 1

    I was also facing this issue since ages but today I resolved it. To get rid of that strange error (bug) you must 

    1. Use any vpn app.

    2. Connect to any location.

    3. Open TeamViewer and Click Computers Tab which looks like contact dairy.

    4. Wait to avail SIGN IN button (Wait till it turns dark blue)

    5. Goto Connect Tab 

    6. Now type Partner ID and try to connect.

     BOOM That's it. Now its works like a butter.  You are welcome.

  • 1. Use any vpn app.

    Fixed it for me, thanks @MaxMJ !