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New Check in ITbrain Monitoring & Asset Management

We are glad to introduce a new check to our family called Network adapter traffic.It allows you to act on incidents or unusual network traffic on any of your computers within your network.



You can choose to monitor incoming or outgoing traffic:

  • Monitoring incoming network traffic

You can easily receive notifications in case any of your computers receives unexpected incoming traffic (e.g. big downloads). You can configure your minimum and/or maximum threshold. 

  • Monitoring outgoing network traffic

 Outgoing traffic monitoring will help you to monitor whether any of your computers has a high and/or low outgoing traffic rate (e.g. uploading files). You can configure your minimum and/or maximum threshold.

Note: You can add the check multiple times; one time could be for outgoing traffic and second time for incoming traffic.


Hint: The alerting mechanism is similar to other ITbrain checks. If the traffic (both for incoming and outgoing) is less than the minimum and/or more than maximum threshold value, an alert will be triggered, after this the system will start to check every 1 minute and when the traffic will be within the thresholds you will receive a recovery notification.

Please let us know what do you think of this new check in the comments below or by contacting us at: [email protected].


Product Owner, Remote Management


  • Hello,

    If there was a report that monitored what type of traffic was being uploaded/downloaded this would be very beneficial and a base from which I could start setting alerts for suspicious activity.



  • Levon
    Levon Posts: 46 Staff

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your feedback.Sure will take it into consideration for network traffic check next improvements.Can you please kindly give us more details what exactly you mean by saying "what type of traffic"? Is it means that you want to see wich protocol(TCP,UDP, ICMP and etc.) is using network bandwidth or maybe something else? 

    Thank you in advacned,
    Product Owner


    Product Owner, Remote Management
  • Hi Levon,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Traffic  like SMB, FTP, EMAIL, RDP, DNS, SQL etc

    I’d expect a lot of SMB traffic between servers and clients but would love to see charts showing all types of traffic on a node so I could look for outliers.

    We have a client using Darktrace and they pick up on this kind of traffic which is very useful. E.g a client using ftp to upload data to a Russian/Chinese server.

    Thank you.


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