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TeamViewer Unattended Password Broken?

We've upgraded our TeamViewer Hosts to the lastest version (14) and it's totally broken our existing unattended password. It was pushed out via the .reg, I've already pulled another one from a manually setup upgrade, but it just doesn't want to know.

It puts the password into the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamViewer\Temp]

as "SecurityPasswordExported"=hex

But it won't accept the password when you try to connect.

Manually set passwords are working fine, I've done it on a couple of PCs I was working on anyway, but I don't have the time or energy to go around and manually set it on every single one. 

Has anyone successfully gotten this to work?



  • I updated my computer and my dads to version 14 and now the unattended won't work. I was going to deal with it later, but now his keyboard won't work and he is stuck at login with no keyboard. He doesn't have any neighbors close by to borrow a keyboard from. Can this be looked at?

  • RCT_IT
    RCT_IT Posts: 36 ✭✭

    Hi there,

    Yes we too believe the Unattended Password is broken, tried importing the following registry keys:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    Everytime we try to connect with the unattended password without the grant easy access, the password doesnt work?

    TV please explain the correct procedure to exporting and importing the Unattended Password for deployment?


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