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Something a little wrong in setup

I started using TeamViewer, and I did something a little wrong, but I don't know how to fix it. My main computer is downstairs and I want to use it to control four computers (B, C, D, and E) upstairs on (my home network) with easy access.

From my main computer, if I go to Partner ID to select a computer to connect to, it shows:


computer D

computer E

Show nearby ...

"Show nearby" shows the three items above it. 

If I select "upstairs" and then "connect", then it shows computer B and computer C. So I did something wrong in the setup.  How can I make B and C accessable like D and E, without having to connect to "upstairs" first?

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  • Additional information:

    There is a difference in the "computers and contacts" settings.  The two that are directly accessible don't have anything for "your name, email, password".  The other two have "upstairs" for "your name" and my email and password.  If I change "your name" on one of them, it changes it on the other one.  I tried deleting these fields, so they would be like the other two computers, but it won't let me leave them blank.

  • I had TeamViewer (TV) set up in my house to access some computers from my main computer.  Just this week I added a new computer, and for logical reasons, I named the new computer the same as one of the old ones, and renamed the old one to something else.  I uninstalled and reinstalled TV. 

    Under Parter ID/Show nearby contacts and devices, both names show up, and I added them. So far, so good.  But then in the list of devices in the drop-down list for Partner ID, the old name I had used for the old computer and the name for the new one shows up twice, and the new name for the old computer doesn't show up (although it shows up under nearby devices).  It works correctly, one of them connects the the new computer with that name and the other connects to the computer that had that name, but has been renamed. But on the Partner ID dropdown, they both appear with the same name.

    Is there a way to fix this naming error?