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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Gecks
    Gecks Posts: 2

    Same issue. I have contacted them once....they said they fixed it as i use the computers at home for gaming......same problem again.

    I have a usb to ethernet server so i can use a mouse and keyboard in a different part of my house. They must think people only use them for work purposes or something. ?

  • Gecks
    Gecks Posts: 2

    Come on teamviewer....please fix these false positives.

     I cant justify paying you monthly when i literally login a handful of times a week.

  • This is the 3rd time I've had this popup since i've had a TeamViewer Account.
    On previous occurences I filled out the decleration of Private Use Form and provided all needed logs to prove Private/Personal Use.

    This time it appears it has been rejected and asked to buy a Commercial Licence for £500($558). After Speaking to a Sales rep "Apparently" using a Mobile Device to connect to a Home PC is classed as commercial due to the ability to being "anywhere" and the ability to connect to "any device".

    I only ever use...
    ●Mobile Phone
    ●Home PC
    ●Home Server (2nd PC running the home network share and storage.
    Which fully complies with PRIVATE & Personal use.

    Yes the pattern may be irregular and switches between 3 devices but it is only ever myself with access, and all devices are linked to same TeamViewer aaccount, and ID's have remained the same over the years (other than update from 9-digits to 10-digits)

    It makes little to no sence why a TeamViewer App freely provided would be classed as commercial when if it was a paid for feature would force verification of a paid subscription before being useage?

    Would like to be able to discuss the situation with a human, and not a sales rep trying to force a sale with "tactics"
  • skiplong
    skiplong Posts: 1

    @jornin I'm in the same situation as you.

    Did you submit the form?, and if yes, have they lifted the ban?, and if yes, have you been able to use the Personal license since?


  • mozo
    mozo Posts: 28 ✭✭

    It's unbelievable but the TeamViewer team contacted me and they solved my problem!

    "Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal”."

    Thanks you support team!!!

  • LandRocket
    LandRocket Posts: 6 ✭✭
    Got my email yesterday (24/6/19)

    Must have been the day yesterday :)
  • I think they are doing that with a lot of people, because i am having that problem since updating.  Its frustrating, and yet their thing is if you have been helping family and friends and get NO money for it, then its classed as private.  I have emailed them heaps of times and they still don't do a **bleep** things about it.

    Specs: Windows 10 Pro (1903), Phanteks eclipse P400 TGE tower, Intel i7 8700 @3.20GHz, EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB, 2x 24" Widescreen FHD 1080p monitors, 16 Gigs of ram DDR4's PC4-21300, 250GB SSD, and a 2TB HDD.

    Others: Eset IS (Latest version), CCleaner Pro, Adwcleaner, Firefox (Latest version).
  • JackHK
    JackHK Posts: 86

    R u sure that works? did you try?

    I rec'd similar email 6 weeks after I filled in the form... but the reality is my account still blocked till 6 months now! 

    Good luck!

  • JackHK
    JackHK Posts: 86

    Agreed totally!

  • mozo
    mozo Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Yes, I tried it and it works :)

  • JackHK
    JackHK Posts: 86


  • leossmith
    leossmith Posts: 4

    Did anyone managed to solve this? One of my pcs has been tagged as used for commercial use and I keep sending the form for a while now, but noone replies.

  • Kylian01
    Kylian01 Posts: 31 ✭✭

    I did get a reply and they where saying i use it commercial what i am not doing i am just a guy with a hobby for computters and have a cople of them and i like to remote control them

  • Kylian01
    Kylian01 Posts: 31 ✭✭

    this is the MAIl i got


    Dear TeamViewer User,
    Thank you for your request regarding being unblocked from using the free version of TeamViewer. After reviewing the information provided to us, we were unable to confirm that the submitted ID is being used privately.
    Requiring commercial users to purchase a license is also part of our effort to maintain the free version, and to therefore make help accessible to everyone. The free version is for people who are using it to help family and friends.
    To continue using TeamViewer, there are two options for you to consider:
    1) We encourage you to purchase a license that fits your needs: https://w w w. teamviewer. com/pricing
    If you need help finding the perfect license, we will be happy to assist you personally:
    2) THIS FORM is a declaration of private use that needs to be printed, signed personally and sent back to us at the following email address [email protected].
    When you return this to us, we will review your response confirming your declaration of private use and use this to determine whether we can re-enable your use of TeamViewer.
    For more information regarding the commercial use of the free version of TeamViewer, please refer to our community statement: https://community. teamviewer. com/t5/Knowledge-Base/Why-do-I-see-Commercial-use-suspected-Commercial-use-detected/ta-p/5265
    If you are not sure whether you are using TeamViewer commercially,
    please give us a call:
    We are looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Your TeamViewer Team

  • LandRocket
    LandRocket Posts: 6 ✭✭
    Seriously there needs to be an intermediary licence between commercial and free.

    I can get a Windows VPS for 3GBP a month, but better not use TeamViewer on it as that will **bleep** my account. But a lot of the alternatives dont work with my accessibility tools (I use a SGD aka a PC with eye gaze to access tech) which means I'm a lot slower than most folk at accessing my own resources or my mum - that's the only people I have on my Teamviewer account. Think its 6 devices without looking. So I'm more likely to get flagged as I do need to be connected for long periods of time.

    That's why when it stops working it really stuffs me up.

    I will pay for that, but I haven't got £500 a year to do that, not on disability benefits
  • leossmith
    leossmith Posts: 4

    So basicaly they are tagging random pcs or ips in order to push people to buy the commercial license even for private use.

    This is very nice...

  • LandRocket
    LandRocket Posts: 6 ✭✭
    I must admit I would have liked to know what happened this last time

    My connection should have been LAN-LAN as I was accessing from living room to kitchen, same wifi connection on both. Cant get more local than that.
  • KDM-DE
    KDM-DE Posts: 1

    I have the same exact issue.  I submitted the ticket and got the email saying my ID was reset.  An entire month passed.  I resubmitted the ticket and got another email saying my ID was reset yesterday.  And I STILL have the same problem.

    I spoke to sales chat and they just told me to submit the ticket again and go to the knowledge base [here], and no one has any answers.

  • I'm having the exact same problem. Connected to my home from a hotel room. submitted personal use declaration form. not good enough for TV. Regardless of their response, their policies HAVE changed. They offered me a single commercial license for $500+. Are you kidding me? Time to find another solution. Bye bye TV. Your policies and prices will eventually cause you to crash and burn.

  • sKaaP
    sKaaP Posts: 1


    I'm currently a university postgraduate student and I'm considering using TeamViewer free version to access a computer at the lab remotely to start and stop analysis software.

    I am aware that you aren't allowed to use TeamViewer commercially without a licence and I want to find out whether this counts as commercial use. Realistically I wouldn't consider this commercial use, but who knows what the detection algorithm will decide.

    I would like some clarity on this before I set it up, as I would be relying on this connection. Otherwise I will have to make a different arrangement or request additional funding for the licence fee, in which case a definite answer on this matter would assist in aquiring that funding.


  • WRFB
    WRFB Posts: 1

    How long does it take for the commercial flag to be reset?  I have received my "yes you are definitely only doing non-commercial so we will unflag you" email 3 days ago, but the commercial restrictions are still in place.  I requested it for an account that handles 3 puters at a volunteer organisation from my home puter.  All remote puters have been restarted.


  • Kylian01
    Kylian01 Posts: 31 ✭✭

    teamviewer does not seem to care anymore

  • chc
    chc Posts: 1

    I too have had this ... I last used this to support my mother on teh other side of the world ... about 6 months ago. Now I wanted to do so again and I get a notice sayig that I am using it for commercial use! As you say, ridiculous! Clearly there is a problem with their detection algorithm.

  • g4ugm
    g4ugm Posts: 10 ✭✭

    I filled in the feedback  in the app with my e-mail address and had my free access restored...

  • starega
    starega Posts: 1

    same problem

  • StarNamer
    StarNamer Posts: 1

    I was effectively blocked nearly a year ago and got my account reset to free, but that was when you could email support. Now the submit a ticket says it will only accept licensed users.

    I used to use TeamViewer to connect to my home PC from my work PC and suspect that the iisue is the work end, which is obviously running in an enterprise domain.

    The last few times I tried it, it allowed me a session which must have lasted barely a minute - enough time to open 2 web pages - before it closed it and said I couldn't reconnect for about 15 minutes. I looked for somewhere to request my ID be reset (again) but coulkdn't find anywhere. From other replies, I suspect it would only get blocked again.

    [removed per Community Guidelines - Sales/solicitation policy]

    Obviously TV isn't interested in its free users any more as it doesn't make any money out them.

  • F1nchy
    F1nchy Posts: 4

    Same problem here. I installed it on my Synology NAS to see how it works on it and now I get the message pop up most times I run Teamviewer, despite me only using it at home for my own personal use and occasionally helping family when they have computer problems.

    No way to create a support ticket as I'm a free user with no license, bit of a catch 22....


  • g4ugm
    g4ugm Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Use the feedback menu to give feedback. Seemed to work for me... 

    @chc wrote:

    I too have had this ... I last used this to support my mother on teh other side of the world ... about 6 months ago. Now I wanted to do so again and I get a notice sayig that I am using it for commercial use! As you say, ridiculous! Clearly there is a problem with their detection algorithm.


  • jor5
    jor5 Posts: 4
    Hi all,

    Just got automatically flagged as commercial use detected. Nothing has changed on my end and ive used their online form to request that it's reset. I found it a little suspicious though and had a little lightbulb moment and searched my email to see when I first installed it. Turns out it was 27 June 2018. I can't imagine it's a coincidence that they've flagged me after I've gone over 1 year of use.

    It's definitely not commercial though, just using my mobile to connect to my home PC for convenience.
  • jor5
    jor5 Posts: 4
    Just installed **Third Party Product** to get back up and running. Guess I've got the best part of a week to try it out before TV unlock me, presuming they do! ?