Bug when deactivating 2FA with correct recovery code (it's broken!)

The phone that had 2FA codes for my TeamViewer account broke recently, so I can't login from new devices anymore.

I was given the option to deactivate 2FA by entering the recovery code that I had saved from when I first activated it. I entered it, and was then successfully logged in to my account. Presumably, 2FA would be deactivated after that.

However, when going to Profile Settings > General > Two factor authentication, it still shows a "Deactivate" link. When I click on this, instead of the recovery code, it asks me for a 6-digit security code, which is presumably the OTP provided by the 2FA app. Entering the recovery code here will give me an error saying that "The security code needs to be 6 digits"! Which means the recovery code is useless!

Please help. I'm unable to login to TeamViewer from new devices because 2FA deactivation is broken!


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  • intuit
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    Looks like I had to sign out first and sign in again (like you said) for it to work. Thanks!

  • Natascha
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    Sounds great! :) 

    Happy to hear that. 

    Wish you a great week and all the best,

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  • Mack0
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    I figured out my issue. My phone time was out of sync with the actual time by 1 minute and this caused out of sync codes. Please check your device times and make sure they are automatically set so 2FA works properly