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installing TeamViewer on 2 computers on same router then moving one of them

I am new to TeamViewer so to see if I am setup correctly I want to install on two windows computers(win 8.1 and win10) at my home (same router) then move one computer to friend house (different router) and try to control that computer from mine  at my house. If it is possible, can someone give some guidance of how to do that?

Thanks in advance




  • IvanT
    IvanT Posts: 8

    Just make sure that you have internet access on both computers and set an TeamViewer autorun on Windows startup on the remote computer. You can set up automatically on/off of the remote machine to ease your process, by Wake-On-LAN or timer.
    Also, set a defined password to get access with this password instead of generated one. To define the password go Extras->Options->Security. Type your password and confirm.
    And remember remote device ID.
    On the home computer input the ID of remote computer click "Connect", enter the password you defined on system request.
    Get connected.
    P.S. Instal the same version of a program to prevent connection issue.

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